Reccomend stories(again)

Absolutely no
Art scenes
S3x scenes/one night stands
"Strong female character/“sassy” MC
trash talking modest outfits(e.i: baby doll dresses/lolita/school uniforms)

Full CC of the MC
Choices(tht arent ignored cuz u want me to go to a party and get drunk and have a one night stand x3)

Let me say rn im not expecting much results

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• Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.
• Queen.


sorry only have a mafia one published(even thougt it is not the mane plot. ) I have a lot of unpublished stories i think you would like but they are as said not published

I do have a lot of good ones in my favorites but I have no idea which has cc cause i do not care about that

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But serisly other than the gang my story fit the list (and well pregnency is kinda it too but will first be like in the last two chapters so dont really count)

but again hope you still are here when i published another story

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I will be
U can pm me if u want when its done

Hello, are you looking for stories that dont have these things in you said above?

I have properly forgot it at that time sorry. I dont have any plans to release anything soon(unlesh there comes a competision there fit it first). i want my published one finish first

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Excluding the things i desire (full CC and choices)

Its fine no pressure

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So, I have a lot I can recommendation would be
-moonlit feathers
Also my story am writting now doesn’t have a lot of what you don’t want, it does have the school uniform for maybe 17 chapters you don’t get to choose CC on the main character but you can change her hair and eyes and lip colour etc nearly each day, there is some characters you can CC?

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