Reccomend Stories, Writing tips?

I’ve been using Episode for so long and never really knew there were forums. :joy::woman_facepalming:t4:

What are your instagram names & stories?

Also, I’d love to write a story. I have a LOT of ideas but directing really eludes me! If anyone could drop a few tips it would be SUPER appreciated!

Hi! Welcome to our forum, babe :blue_heart:


My insta: @rude_in (but I warn you, I’m not very active)
The story I’m working on now: LOBITA

And this community has a lot of guides that you can find in the section Directing Helps & Tips
You can also ask specific questions on helping threads.

I have one of my own here.

Have fun!

Thank you so much for responding and helping me out! Also, I’m checking out your story as we speak. It’s great!

I appreciate the warm welcome. :smiley:


Moved to Resources section, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

hey! I know directing can be really hard :joy::joy: I would appreciate it if you could check out my story Breaking Dawn by Maryam Moh. if you like :grin: also you can check Joseph evans tutorials on youtube, they are really helpful.

Hello everyone this is my first time writing a story and my laptop wasn’t working so the first couple of episodes were done on my phone but the story is great and I will be continuing it on my laptop… please continue to read it and I will read yours in return thank you :gift_heart::gift_heart: