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Have you gotten a discouraging review on your story? If so, you have came to the right place. If not, then you might want to stick around and read the rest to get yourself prepared!

I have created a story on episode which received 158 reads and I am excited about that. Everyday I made sure to get people to read my story whether it was just asking a new follower on Instagram, asking reviewers for reviews, offering read for reads, or promoting my story on the forum. I did have two slight errors, but once a reviewer pointed out to me, I fixed it. Since then a lot of people said only good things… until yesterday. :slightly_frowning_face:

I asked someone to review my story and they did. First I had to read their story though.

And their review for my story Confidential was not good at all!

They told me the things they didn’t like about it and I was upset at first. I was thinking “I worked way to hard to get a review just to say it sucks.” or "I spent all that time making sure this story was spot on and if people are telling me and showing me they put my story in their favorite collection without me asking them, how does my story suck?"

What to do if you received a negative review?

I know it might be hard but as a reviewer, they have to be honest and when you ask for a review, they are going to give you one. If they say something you didn’t like, think about what they said to you. Think to yourself whether it’s true or not? If not, keep it moving, if so, change it. Also, if you are getting just anyone to read your story, they might have some pointers for you to know, but if you want more of a detailed review, you got to go to those who dedicates themselves to reviewing stories on Instagram or here on the Forum.

How to get through the tough reviews?

You got to remember why you started to write in the first place. What made you interested to write your story on Episode? Who encouraged you and saw the potential in you to write the story? Try to remember your passion for writing. Remember how you feel while you wrote that story. But if I am being honest, if you are just concerned about views, then you shouldn’t worry about discouraging reviews. Now if you want to be a better Author/Writer then you have to take into consideration what they have said.

What if they asked me to read their story and it wasn’t as good as mine?

To be honest, I have gotten frustrated yesterday just because of this. The person had a lot to complain about but their story had a lot of errors. Don’t worry about it! Most likely they are doing reviews to get views on their story; not trying to better their story or themselves. So just focus on your story!

What to expect getting reviews?

Expect everything!! There might be a few who loves your story, but there will be some who won’t. If you get someone to review your story and they aren’t known on Instagram or the Forum as a reviewer, they are probably just going to tell you how they feel based on emotion and/or opinion. Not rating you on spelling, zooming, panning, spotting, etc. They will be times if you ask someone to review your story that aren’t known as a reviewer that won’t like your story just because of Genre. If you see them like a lot of romantic stories and that is all they post about, you might not want to get them to review your story if the genre is horror.

Where to go to find all-rounded reviewers?

Just as you use the Forum, use Instagram and look up hashtags whether it says episode edits, reviews, episode interactive, etc. You can also look up Instagram handles by just typing in episode_reviews. If you notice that they do a lot of reviews, they review with an outline, they give constructive criticism, then that means that they are dedicated to reviewing.

In closing I want to encourage all who are new to writing a story in general or in episode. It can get rough but I know if you push through it and work hard, it will all pay off. :grin:


This post is amazing, I wish I’d read it before I checked my fanmail. Ive got a comment on my story telling me that I wasted their passes, they wouldn’t be reading anymore of my stories and that I clearly couldn’t be trusted as a creator. I was thinking simmer down :joy:

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Wow, this is a very awesome post, so helpful and full of amazing tips! You’re right, no one should ever get discouraged from a negative review; if writing on Episode is your passion, don’t give up and never let negative opinions or hate take you down. And yes, sometimes it’s important to take feedback from reviewers into consideration, especially if it’s helpful.


People these days are just plain rude! :joy: Yes, we say we want your opinion but you don’t have to be rude. You can say the story needs a little more instead of saying you wasted their passes! I hope you keep working on your story because I know you have potential. Make sure your goal is to prove that person wrong! Write the best story you can! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for responding to my post :relaxed:

Thank you! You’re so kind, you too! :wink:

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I can’t believe someone would say that!

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I went through a tough review but reading this made my want to write 10x more!


I completely agreee with you and thank you for creating this thread, wish I have seen it like month ago :smiley: I recieved few bad reviews and what I hate about them was the fact that they were not helping me at all, I didnt notice any tips for directing or anything like that, there were only rude coments about the plot. I was feeling so sad and I didnt want to continue the story. What did help me was that I went through my story and talked to people that enjoyed my story.
Reviewers can be pretty mean so I suggest reading other reviews they did just to get an idea what is their style of doing reviews.
Also just a little comment for that read for review thingy, I do that as well, I ask people to read my story to get a review and its not that I want to force someone o read it just so I have more views.Only reason is that Im doing this in my free time and using passes and sometimes people dont even say thank you or get mad at me for pointing out some errors so this is like a small reward for me. :smiley:
Basically if you are a reviewer or an author just try to be nice. Reviewers need to be helpfull and when you did find some mistake offer help instead of being rude. Authors who recieve bad review need to just say thank ou and forget about it cause you will never get to the point where every reader will love your story (even with 5 million views you can get so much hate)
Thank you again this is so helpfull :blush:


You are welcome :relaxed:

That is great! Don’t let anyone bring you down!

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The first episode is pass free. If they hated it so much, then why did they continue. :roll_eyes: Some people…


I have a question, What if someone in Instagram said they would do reviews and you ask them for a review in your story and when they did they made a post on saying ‘it wasn’t my type of story and it had too much customization on it so I rate it 3.5/10.’
I only made customization on the 3 main characters and their families. All I got was that I had too much customization…:confused::worried:

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Um, tbh if that’s all they said, I’d just write off the review entirely. Customization shouldn’t even play a role in a story review. And if it was only one sentence, that’s again, a pretty slack form of reviewing. I wouldn’t let it get to you, because most people reading that review would think the reviewer is just lazy.

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Thank you so much for telling me this, I wasn’t sure that the reviewer has a point. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmmmm… did you make them create their families one by one as well as the main characters?

In episode 1, I have them create Cassie, Lila, and Roxie. I also mentioned that most of the episodes would be having their family members and soon-to-be-crushes customized and that Anna the soon to be 4th friend would be customized later.
In episode 2, the storyline goes with Cassie and her family finally moving in and Cassie is nervous about going to her new school. In episode 1 you would be able to customize her mom, dad, and sister.
In episode 3, Lila gets nervous about how to approach the new girl and friend her. (Cassie) so she goes checking on her family which then you customize her Big brother, mom, Dad and her little brother
In episode 4, Roxie goes through the drama with her teacher, drama mates, and her little twin sisters. You get to customize her dad and the twin sisters.
I hope this answered your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see… your reviewer is used to having the family members scripted to have similar characteristics. I can show you how to do it. But see what I mean? That reviewer was just RUDE! They could of gave you a suggestion but instead they were ruthless and to give someone a 3.5 out of 10 just because it isn’t their kind of story is an all time low. :cry: I hope you continue with your story and don’t let that get you down.:revolving_hearts: DM me if you need help with scripting the family memebers to look like relatives :blush:


Thank you so much for your thread! it helped me not to give up! :sob::slightly_smiling_face:
Also, I’ll think about the template used for family members.