Recently Updated Shelf Out For Everyone!

Hello All!

You may have read our thread announcing the testing of the Recently Updated shelves.

The Recently Update shelf has gone live to all users, in the Stories We Love section!

Stories that appear on the Recently Updated shelves are stories that have added at least one new episode in the previous 30 days, and that have been approved by our review team. This shelf will regularly, and automatically, update to show the stories that fit the above criteria.

In addition, our team is beginning testing individual genres’ Recently Updated shelves, through the Romance, Drama, and LGBTQ+ genres for a small amount of users.

We’re excited for authors to find a larger audience for their currently updating stories, and for readers to see new and exciting Episodes across the app!

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the Recently Updated shelf, please contact our support team!

— The Episode Team


Thank you so much for the new shelf! Can’t wait to check it out!

First :joy:


Darn so close-
but yay, I’m excited :party_time:



and I CAN’T WAIT TO CHECK IT OUT :santa_dance:

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I’m glad you are giving new authors an opportunity to be discovered, I’m looking forward to itt




Wow, nice! I have a quick question. If a chapter is updated on early access, does that count for this shelf? @Melani3

Cool! :slight_smile:

This sounds to be a very promising update in that newer authors would be able to receive potentially more visibility. Thank you. I look forward to checking this out.

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I’m honestly so happy that this shelf is created, it gives new and small authors a chance to be discovered! :heartbeat: