"Recharge your passes quicker" button

Hello :wave:,

Episode had released a new feature on their App that allowed you to watch ads in order to diminue the wait for new passes by 60 minutes (they then changed it to 30 minutes). But we just had to click on one orange-ish button that was situated above the one for Daily Challenges…

My question is really simple… I haven’t seen this button for a while now so I was wondering if they just stopped this feature? Or if it’s somehow a bug on my phone (in which case I’ll file a support ticket)?

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Hi, so the recharge feature is only accessible to some people. I have access to it and it sometimes disappears for a few days and then it’ll reappear. Has it appeared again since you’ve posted this or is it still missing?

If you use it, does it disappear?

'Cause it’s possible you can only use it every so often.

No, it didn’t appear again. I haven’t seen it on my app for weeks now… But if it’s only available for some people maybe I just don’t have it anymore… I don’t know why though…
Thank you for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you can only use it a certain amount of time per day. If you used it too many times on the same day, I think it disappears until the next day…