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Hey guys! I just wanted to write a little something on here.

As a video editor myself, I can relate to this. We deserve more recognition for our work. If someone asked if you knew an artist that was taking requests, I guarantee you would be able to list at least five artists (I’m not saying they don’t deserve the recognition they get because they work so hard) but if someone asked if you knew a video editor, you’d struggle, right? Unless your friend does them. You’d probably name a group rather than an individual. We work hard to do the requests, it’s not just about adding photos or videos to an app and then adding a song to it. It takes time to make it perfect and most editing software is not free and can be complicated to use.

So please take more time to recognise the video editors out there as there is not many at the moment but those who do it deserve more love and appreciation.

Thank you :heart:


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I agree one one hundred percent everyone no matter what type of edit art or work they do on this or any platform should always get the recognition they deserve after how hard they’ve worked. Espiecially editors as that’s a difficult hobby to have but rewarding I’ve heard. I haven’t seen any of your edits but I imagine their amazing and you should always get the recognition you deserve as well :heart: :heart: :heart: :sparkling_heart:



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Everything you said there is so true. Artists deserve the recognition they get because they work so hard for it but video editors don’t have it easy either but they just dont have much recognition.

Thank you, that is so sweet! :heart:


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