Recognizing Black Authors

Episode made three posts to show their support and solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter movement. Many black authors in the community thought those posts were performative and downplayed. Personally, as a black author, I am grateful that they made posts in regards to the Black Lives Matter Movement; I didn’t think they were going to do anything at all to be honest. Here’s the thing: black authors need a little bit more in this community. Black authors only get recognized ONCE a year, and that’s for Black History month. That’s the only time we receive recognition. Episode could’ve added a shelf on the app specifically for black authors in solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter movement. All they did was make a post on their Instagram showcasing past featured stories by black authors :expressionless: Where’s the shelf at for it and why only show stories by a few black authors in the community? It doesn’t make sense to me.


they should put a shelf for black authors for a month in solidarity.



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I think it would help or even stories with MC’s that are black

sorry for giving my opinion since I am white.

but the fact you complain their is a black mounth for episode authors. make it sound like they dont include black people the rest of the year.

I get what you mean and wouldnt mind a black author shelf now.

personally I dont get why people care about the race of the author, that has nothing to do with if the story is good or not


I’m not complaining about anything, but it’s more than right if Episode could show a little more support towards black authors. That’s all I’m saying. Black authors aren’t really recognized and that’s what makes me mad.


they dont even recognized good stories. just popular ones.

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I know, but I’m talking about stories by black authors in this case.


I pretty much agree with everything you said pertaining to Episode making a shelf dedicated to black author during this movement but your statement about how black authors only get recognised once a year is the part I disagree with. I feel like the once a year shelf is a great achievement and I really don’t think it needs to be expanded on any further


I see.

Nice to know

I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the I see seems really passive aggressive :sweat_smile:


Oh. I’m sorry. The “I see” means that I understood your point.

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Don’t worry took nothing to heart


I agree


I agree! I really want to see a shelf for black authors more often rather than just during Black History month.


I agree black authors deserve more recognized and not just black history month shelf.


I understand what you mean. I think some people are taking it the wrong way. I feel the same because In February we get all this awesome content by black creators, but in every other special shelf there are no black authors featured. The way the episode team searched for these popular black written stories in February, they should also do it year round! I don’t know if anyone remembers but they also did a shelf for the Asian community and I loved the shelf! They should do it again! Case in point minority writers should get more recognition on the episode app!