Recognizing Black Authors

I get why some ppl would feel they don’t need to expand the shelf because of they do that for black history month, but I only said it because a lot of companies only post we support and do nothing to actually support the movement, but if you guys don’t think the shelf is a good idea, then there here is a few ideas of what they can do to support in my opinion;

  • Posting stories that have black MCs or Black authors

  • Making a better effort to buy stories from black authors, cuz episode supports wayyyy too many cliche stories anyways

  • supporting stories with more diversity, we want to see more rep

  • and many more options and categories for small black authors.

but this is just opinion


Yes! Such simple ways to include more people.


I feel like your post is narrowing in on shelves for some reason, but the overall issue with Episode goes way beyond that. It’s the lack of afro textured hairstyles available, how it took so long to get lip shades that matched the darker skin tones (this happened with ink and again with limelight), the fact that they dropped Instant Princess after buying it because a black main character wasn’t marketable in their eyes, the history of racism within the community being tolerated because they claimed they couldn’t do anything about it, it’s the race-swapping on the covers of their official stories for diversity points, it’s the ashy lips on family members in old ink stories. It’s all these things and probably so much more.

A shelf on the app is literally the least they can do right now. Like, I’m not even exaggerating, that really is the bare minimal they could do at a time like this. Don’t get me wrong, you’re right when you say this:

But you should really be thinking bigger than just more shelves. An extra shelf isn’t going to change much unfortunately. In fact, it tends to let Episode get away with being performative because they can rely on the community to be inclusive and diverse. What might be more helpful is if Episode were to buy stories from black authors in the community, buy stories that feature black main characters, dropping a particular story they bought from a community author who made several ignorant and racist remarks last week, actually donating the $25000 they said they were prepared to donate towards an organization that is supporting the eradication of racial injustice instead of waiting for their employees to do it first.


I agree with you!!!


I think it’s important to try and support more ppl and even, including more black hairstyles.

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You’re right. Part of me was hoping that they would have create a shelf for black authors in solidarity towards the Black Lives Matter movement during this time. The shelf doesn’t have to last a whole month, but maybe a couple of weeks. That’s all I ask. If they can’t do it, then it is what it is.


we all agree that episode needs to do more right, cuz if so that’s all that matters

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I wholeheartedly agree with this!
That is what I suggested in the form they sent: more ethnic updates for limelight, actually doing something with their anti-bullying policy by banning/punishing racist authors/community members and showcasing more black creators.
While I agree with your point of featuring more black authors during this time (which should be done more frequently, anyways) @Briana_M as @amberose perfectly summed up it unfortunately goes beyond that.


I do agree. I would like to see more Afro-textured hairstyles more than anything.

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Don’t get me wrong I totally support this but I feel like if we make a Black authors shelf then people are going to want a shelves for other races… and I don’t think episode wants to do that… :grimacing:
(I do hope they make shelves for multiple races though!! )

thanks @/sadrosebois for the clarification !!

They’ve had shelves just like that…

Really?? I know they’ve had an Asian shelf but that’s the only one I know of

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Mhm! Muslims, Hispanic, and Asian


Oh thanks for letting me know!! I change my mind now!!

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No problem

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That’s true. Black authors never had it easy in the Episode community these past what… 3 years? It’s been a challenge for us because we don’t have the support and acceptance from the community. Having a shelf dedicated for us in honor of Black History month is a great thing, but we would like to see a bit more than that. Afro-textured hairstyles for one.



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Yessssss they release updates frequently and rarely have diverse hairstyles. They might include one or two out of 14


I just realized your pfp is from That 70’s show :sob: I just wanna like marry you now…

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Ahaa I love Hyde with my whole heart. Literally obsessed with that show, none of my friends know it

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