Recomand me a mafia story

I wanna read a good mafia love story I have a few rules for this story

one: no Stockholm syndrome stories. aka kidnap and fallen in love

two: no revenge story
three: no arranged marriage

four: no story where mc herself is involved in the mafia.

I seriously want a normal sweet girl who dates a guy from the mafia

dont have to be mafia though just like a bad guy,

Mafia in Manhattan

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The Doberman

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Have you read a story about a lawyer called harper and a criminal called trace? I can’t remember what it’s called and I want to finish it

To be completely blunt, good luck finding a “good” mafia romance story that doesn’t include any of those elements.

A spun tale, romance especially, still glamorizes mafias if a mafia member is involved. They’re STILL involved, even if they’re indirect about violence.

We need to demonize them, not glamorize, even if arranged marriage, kidnapping, etc isn’t present.


I never heard of it. Sorry

As much as I dislike the story and author, unless you want more of a redemption route, Blake by Wiktoria is ok since the LI is actually trying to get out of the gang life. (and involved with the protagonist).

The writing is cringy and directing is nothing special, but I’ll admit the character development is somewhat decent and doesn’t suddenly jump after a few episodes. I appreciate the supporting characters too, even they have their quirks.

Any sequel after Blake tho, don’t bother. Defeats the purpose of the original story and the messages it sent to the reader.

I’d read that if you didn’t already. It’s an entertaining read.

Beyond a reasonable doubt is the story you’re looking for!

And that’s probably the only mafia story I’ve read and liked, so I’d recommend that to the original poster as well

that is the one who has just been rebuted by episode right? called mafia girl in the featured version

should i read the ink or limelight version

No this one is only in limelight I think! It’s by LillyS on the app!

Honestly Episode Authors are nicely representing The Mafia, when you think about it, sure some authors right evil stuff about it, but half of it is way worse in real life. Plus @line123462 I don’t think it will be very easy trying to find something like that

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the only doberman story is by meesza

i hvae just figured you did not talk about the doberman . my mistake

Fallen Angel: A quest for the heart by @miru

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Yeah i love taht stry just started it i am waiting for my passes to refill so i can read it its great

Destined by Viola Musaraj