Recommend 3 episodes stories *completed*

Hii guys! Could you please recommend stories that are 3 episodes in length and are completed? Thank youu! :kissing_heart:

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  • Friends Without Benefits by rene_writes
  • Sticks and Stones by Jasminelilac
  • Sinful Desires by Aaliyah Love

If you mean completed, then those aren’t completed lol.

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I meant completed* Thank youu for the suggestions tho😘

Any genre?


Completed in 3 Episodes.

Detenu by J. Miley
Silent Night by H. Noelle
Valor Woods by Angie S.
The Gift by Amanda Michele
Pregnant By My Twin’s Student’s Gang Leader Dad by J. Miley
Motives by Angie and Bells
Lifeline by Bells

Trying to think of more.


Try Penelope!

Penelope by Penelope Cruz

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Haunted: Brook by Antika
Silver Sonder by Toriah
Speed Dating by Kshitija
Winter Axiom: Parallel by Lauren
Art of Trolling by Hanna KM
Blurred Together by Gen M
The Group Project by kwepisode
Won’t You Kiss Me by Rachelle Faucet
Red-Eyed cat by Rachelle Faucet



Out of Time by Alvar M.
Magician’s Code by Isabella Costa
Silent Night by H. Noelle
A Stab at Love by Stabby McStabpants
Jett, Sett, Go by Amberose
Black Shadow by Alex Af

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