Recommend a Story to Read!


I’m currently looking for new stories to read, here is some information before recommending a story:

  1. I’m looking for ink or classic style stories only.

  2. Please don’t suggest any horror stories

  3. I love school stories

  4. I also love romance stories

If you have any suggestions, please comment below! Thanks.


You can always check out my story if you want :wink:

Here ya go! :heart:

Name: Girl of Deception
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 9 more coming soon
Description: Aria Lamar has is all. She’s rich, beautiful and smart. But she’s a selfish arrogant jerk. Little does she know that’s all about to change.
Link: 1

Hope you like it! :heart:


Juliet by Jenn Walters is one of my favorite romance stories.


Title: Music in our hearts
Author: Mary-P
Genre: Fantasy
Description: You’re a straight A student with a passion for art but don’t have any talent. When a mysterious voice leads you to 3 Muses of the Mythology, magic offers you a new perspective.


Famous New Girl & River by the talented queen Alexandria <3


Speak by J.Miley (Drama with Romance and set in college).
Finding Ourselves Together by Kat Valentine (Romance in High School)
I Feel It Coming by A.P. (Drama in High School)
Being Perfect by Arrows (Romance in High School)


Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Style: Ink
Description: Mature themes! Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?
Note: Choices do matter!


Going the Distance by G Lambent
Nature’s Caprices by Moni M
The blank page
14 months
Revival by Cordelia M
I Feel It Coming by A.P
The Pregnancy Curse by Dr Smile
Zero to Hero by Dr Smile


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Loveaholic, the man of my dreams


the doberman is an amazing story


Classic stories:

Friends with Benefits (Classic)
Phoenix Prophecy
The Ember Effect
Being The New Girl (Classic)
Unexpected Roommate
Tangled Love Classic
Winter Wonderland:Aquaries
Winter: True Love Prevails
Dear Teddy, I love you
Until Death Do us Part
Hold You Down
The Man Trials of Cocoa


I would love for you to read mine. It’s ink.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Author: S_Unique
Title: The Four Horsemen
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter


Hey, my story is in Ink and I know a really good classic story written by a friend!
Classic story: Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (It is a mystery, not a horror)

My story:
Title: Blood of the Empress
Author: Treas H
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: After touching an ancient crown, Thea Maeda begins experiencing visions of an ancient empress. When her professor reveals to her the truth, Thea has to make a life-altering decision in which the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance.
Episodes: 4 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @treasH.stories

I hope you’ll check them out


Author: Bonnie Dundee

Author Insta: @bonniedundee.epi

Title: Game Of Disguises

Style: Ink

Chapters: 6

Genre: Drama/Action

Brief Description: Two best friends have fun by disguising themselves as other people and attend luxurious and fancy events, but what happens when they find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time?



then my story is perfect for you. :slight_smile:
Author: Shweta Mehra
Genre: Romance
Story style: Ink
Description: After breaking up, Sierra moves on to a happy single life, but what happens when she falls for “THE NERD” and her ex coming back to her life. CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Instagram: @shweta_episode



Tittle: Search for love.
Author Name:
Story Description :Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Genre : Drama
Link :

Cover :


Hey! thanks for this thread :smile:
You, Me And The Beat by Anna
Episodes: 3/ongoing
Genre: Drama
Style: INK
Small Cover:

  • Have a good day! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Omg MINDY! That is my MC’s character is called Mindy!!!

Title: Crossed Paths

Author name: Dreamer

Description: Mindy’s life’s filled with joy and laughter but is haunted by heartbreak. All that changes when she meets Derek. Will he be able to mend her broken heart? CHOICES MATTER!

Follow Mindy through a journey of ups and downs, surrounded by bonkers friends and family and self-discovery!

Link: 4

Episodes: FIVE (and counting)

Small Cover:

image.jpg376x538 97.2 KB

Large Cover:

CPLC2.jpeg1024x681 151 KB


Hi my story is called ferewick :boarding school, I published it today and it is my first episode story. It follows you the mc that just starts her new school, and then discovers an ex pupils dead body. Your choc es effect what evidence you will find, your friendships and relationships as well as if you survive or die.
Please support me by watching and giving me feedback, thank you