Recommend a Story to Read!

don’t suggest your own stories.
here are some that i love:

Dangerous Love (Juvie)
My Psycho

any suggestions? please tell me. i need something to read.


Blake, and Deadly Obsessions? It’s in the thriller category

Ruby Tiara
Maid For You
Fine Line
The Chosen Ones
The Charm Of Ivory
Moonlit Feathers
And that’s all I can think of right now I have a horrible memory :joy:


Just an Illusion
Not Interested
Dirty Sexy Teenagers
Faking Death
My Skater Lover
The Bodyguard
Fake Love True Love
The Teacher

The Night We Met
A Lot Like Love
Wildest Dreams
Fake Me
Your Secret Admirer

Are some underrated favorites of mine!


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I love Adrenaline! What an emotional roller coaster :cry:

Sector 9 by Batsy
DEAD 7 by Kayla S
Hero or Zero by Angie S
Dangerous Space by Natalie Sky
Beyond the Stage by Andrea Elle




Genre: Gay/Romance

Style: INK Summary: Justin is secretly gay but when the hot new guy from Cali comes along can he keep his secret and hide his feelings for the new guy who’s straight.

I said don’t post you own story

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I didn’t i posted a friend of mine


Yeah my friend Kellys story

Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

  • Billionaire Baby Daddy
  • Love & War
  • In Your Dreams
  • Fake Love, True Love
  • Rebounding With Bad
  • Rivals
  • Back And Forth
  • The Baby Project
  • Meet Me At Sunrise
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Loveaholic, The man of my dreams

[This story contains music and sounds]

In your dreams you will meet your true love. You would do anything to nmake your dream come true. Does he really exist?


  1. Precious Mistake by Regina
  2. Annabelle by nis.writes
  3. The Runaway by carllies_episode
  4. Deep Attraction (all series) by LadyDianna
  5. Chain Reaction (all series) by MissMj
  6. It’s just an illusion (all series) by MissMj
  7. The Doberman by Meesza
  8. Bad for my heart by Michaela Bri
  9. Revenge Daddy, Revenge Baby by N.J Colin
  10. Dj: The Tension, DJ: His Weakness by A.Roxi
  11. Hunting Bad, Loving Latino by Hopeemoon
  12. The girl upstairs by Talu
  13. Bad royals by LadyDianna
  14. Rebounding with bad by Talia Rose
  15. 14 months by Maite

I’ve read all of “The Ember Moon Pack”'s chapters so far and I’m loving it. It’s by Giselle Crescent btw.

Sarcastic genie’s story calls ace of hearts is a must read! It is a mystery about a school girl who dies but there is more to her death than wht meets the eye. As the story goes on lots of secrets are revealed about not only the dead girl but other characters in the story.

The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W
Galactic Game by Lucky
Moonlit Feathers by Wincy W

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The Ruby Tiara
Dirty Little Secrets
H & V: Levity
Kid Sister

And if you feel like it, my own story is a really good read too. Cross my heart :slight_smile:
Living a Dream Revamped - by Mystique
Fantasy / Comedy / Romance :heart_eyes:
Character Customization

Mila transforms into a Magical Being of pure beauty & power! Will she finally live the life she’s always dreamed of and fulfill her destiny, or admit defeat?

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