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So I’m looking for any stories where the MC is in love with or has had a crush on one of the LI but he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings until suddenly the second LI
starts taking an interest in MC.
If you could give me some recommendations I’d be so grateful :purple_heart:


Hey! In my story, the Mc doesn’t fall in love yet but she is confused about her feelings/crushes with her li’s (2) you can check it out if you want! :hugs:

Title: Fabled: Chasing The Sun & Moon
Author: Shivali
IG: @shiv.episodee
Genre: Fantasy (Mystery/Romance)
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 9- Ongoing
Description: Azula must bring her mom back to life! Vampire Royal’s agreed to help, yet her Werewolf family HATES Vampires. There is only one way to make it work by choosing, the Sun or the Moon?
Other Info Full CC of MC, family, LI.'s Bonus Scenes, Art Scenes, Point System, Choices Matter,
Rainbow Hidden Gem Badge, Second Place of Best Romantic Partnership - Episode Awards 2023
Episode Writer Portal

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Hey I’m Faith an author episode! Want to check out my story?

Story: The White Skulls

Genre: Action

Episodes: 60

Description: When Jacob is assigned to protect Alicia, his bosses daughter, they don’t expect a job to turn into something more

I love The White Skulls! Check it out! https// episode Episode Writer Portal

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If you’d like. Read mine :yum:

Author Name Raven.

Title Fight Alone.

Description “Kia goes on vacation without the knowledge that her path will be crossed by the notorious Mafia gang, The Red Drivers. Can she run faster than they can chase?”

Genre Romance, Action.

Number of episodes 13 (More Coming Soon.)

Style Limelight

Link Episode Writer Portal