Recommend any PG-13 stories for my little cousin?

she’s asked me for recommendations for ones with long episodes and no - or little - gem options, she’s also 14, she’s told me she likes romance, and episodes about school/ high school. any recommendations?


Here’s some that are quite pg13 as far as I can remember :sweat_smile:

Fantasy (with areas of Romance)

The Supernatural Family, Half Demon Half Angel & Princess of Neklenta (all by Julie.R)

Romance/High School =

Operation: Quarterback, Operation: Quarterback (Season 2 is a separate book) & Operation: Quarterback 2 (all by Layton Beckett)

I haven’t finished the Operation: Quarterback series yet but I’ll let you know if it becomes non-pg13 at any point for some reason (:

I’ll return later if I remember any more suitable that I’ve finished reading or are mostly finished (:

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thank youuu

Your welcome (:

Queen Bee Takeover
College Days: Crystallised

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i’m not sure if your cousin likes ink stories, but if so she’s most certainly welcome to read mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

my story is called The Boy Next Door

author name: ꪀꪗꪶꪖ :honeybee:
chapters out: 3

more ink stories i recommend:
everything changes by @jenyferrylan.episode (on instagram)
dead end by @memesbyerin
take me back by @talesbyelz
without you by @georgiasanders.episode
serendipity by @comez.writez


A small portion are in high school/university others are somewhat related.

The Clumsy Super Girl By Marion [Romance/Gems only for bumping points and supporting author] - incomplete but author claims to be completed in the next month


Operation: Quarterback 1/2/3 (The author made 3 since episode kept stealing it or something?/non featured version is better) by Layton Beckett [Romance & lots of Drama] - incomplete


Yes, they are put into order. The last one is the one thats up to date.

Road Trip by Lydia May [Romance/Drama/Adventure] - incomplete


The Big Great by Sugarfoot Stories (An emotional story but a good one) [Lots of Romance with lots of Drama/Gems for supporting author only] - incomplete in Episode, completed in book (there’s book available on amazon - more info in chapter 1)


Ten Steps To Her Door by Nelles (the majority of it is appropriate w/ emotional plot) [Romance and lots of Drama] - complete

Description/Large Cover

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Water’s Edge by Maeve & Casey [Drama/Romance/Male or Female LI option] - incomplete

Description/Large Cover

Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee [Comedy & Romance] (Gems only for supporting author) - incomplete


The Dragon Bride by earlgreytea [Drama/Romance + Gems only for supporting author] - complete


Stay The Night by earlgreytea [Drama & Romance + Gems only for supporting author] - complete


Daisy by Bertha [Romance + Drama + LGBTQ + Gems for supporting author too I think] - incomplete


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Nanny For A Year by Joe Sanchez (it’s in ink)

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