Recommend me some Fantasy Stories

Okay, I’m new to these forums and I’m kind of noob so…

I have been looking for great fantasy stories so far. But I haven’t seen anything unique and beautiful. Mind to recommend me some? Not meaning to be offensive but please not a cliche one. Thanks!

(I mean, all the stories I see are werewolves and vampires. Sorry!)


You are so true about the fantasy genre being riddled with vampires and werewolves (Twilight has certainly left its mark…)
Here’s one story I recommend, it’s very unique and quite refreshing as there are few stories on Episode that get as intricate as it does. I don’t actually remember if it’s the fantasy or adventure genre but it strikes me more as fantasy. It’s called Mapping the Mind. The downside is that there are only 2 episodes up >_< I also have trouble finding decent stories… in any genre to be honest that isn’t cliche.
I also have a fantasy story if you wanted to check that out too. I swear it is unique, as few stories dabble on the subject of aliens…
Title: Illegal Alien
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Stella befriends a stranger who stops her from committing suicide. Follow her life as she uncovers secrets of the mystery man and her own mortality.

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I’m actually writing a fantasy story for the H&V contest! :grin: If interested, I will publish it on March 26th and it will be called “Wanderlust Academy”.

As for some I could recommend… That’s very hard, since I have the same problem as you. Lots of those stories are the same… Hmm… :thinking: Maybe I’ll come across some on the app and I’ll let you know then!

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Mapping the Mind is a really great one! It’s more science fiction than actual fantasy with wizards and all though. I am not sure if this story will be continued. It is written by my friend @mysza.writes and her account got hacked. I know she’s busy with getting it back, but no news yet…

Okay, sure I will check them out. Thank you!

Really? A Sci-Fi? I’m a fan of Sci-Fi!

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Oh, thank you very much! Wanderlust Academy sure is catchy and sounds amazing, though. I’ll definitely check that out too soon as you publish it!

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Yup! I love it and I really hope she can continue it. :grin:

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Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy it. :blush: Personally, I am just very happy that I’ve finally found an excuse to write a fantasy story, haha. But seriously though, I’m incredibbly stoked to publish this! I hope I’ll be diverse enough with this entry. :flushed:

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I’m VERY excited to read your story!

Oh! And I have mine too, it’s called “Royal Assassin”. I don’t know when I can publish this since I’m a little busy, but I hope you’ll be looking forward to it!

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If you want to check out mine, and if you like Fantasy, here’s

Title: The Secret
Author: EK Peters
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: If you found out you’re the rightful heir to the throne, what would you do to get it back? Especially when your life depends on it. Customize MC.
It eventually will be cliche but not the usual ones.

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Check out the Knitter’s Website. We’ll be adding more recommendations soon, and some of us have individual recommendations as well organized by genre.



Dripping Mascara (it takes a while for this story to get to the fantasy components, but it’s worth reading all the way up to it) This has been a crowd favorite in the Episode community for years.
The Phoenix Prophecy
The Ember Effect
The Secret of Rain

I know not a lot of people like Classic, but truthfully the best fantasy stories are old ones. All but The Secret of Rain are Classic and are some of the best stories on Episode.


I totally agree with you! I wasn’t a huge fan of the classic style before reading these stories. It took a while to get use to it but it was definitely worth it.

Definitely Duemadiri VN, by Corvaena. The author actually drew many components of it, so it makes you feel really immersed in the story. In the beginning you can choose 1/3 characters to play as, and the story’s based on who you choose, but in general, it’s about you being tasked to end the long war between your country and another. It has CRAZY branching so the story is really suited to you and your choices. Also a large variety of love interests.


Yeah. Those are one great stories. I have just been starting to read Dripping Mascara! :grin:

I have read Illegal Alien and it was funny. I like it already!
Also for Mapping the Mind. It was great! Although, I recall it only has 2 episodes?

I don’t know if your still looking for fantasy stories to read but I just published my story and it’s fantasy/romance surrounded by mythologie, zodiac signs and gods and all that! I’ll dm the information if you’re interested.

Oh my! I thought no one’s gonna be recommending me more fantasy stories! Actually, I’m always looking for them!

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I’ll message you privately then!

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