Recommend me stories :))

I’m running out of stories to read. I love reading sci-fi, fantasy and mystery in general. The stories don’t have to be that genre.

I would like them to have full costumisation though. Also choices, ofc.

Bloody fangs! Hehe I can do read for read 2

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If you don’t mind you can read my story.
Title: No More
Author name: Bithi
Description: When Reine was focused on her life, a stranger grabbed her attention and took her to an adventurous journey of lot’s of secrets, a journey filled with love and lust. xXx
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Link to story:
Additional notes: CC, Choices matter.
Instagram: @thebee.episode

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Hey! Check out my story Never Look Away!

  • Cover of my story.

  • Story Name: Never Look Away

  • Writer by: Melody Lina

  • Genre: Drama

  • Style: Limelight

  • Short Description About Story: New York City a place where everyone is hiding away behind all of their family money. So why does this New York City Socialite want to hide away from the world?

  • Ongoing Chapter 1-4 more coming!

  • Customization :Yes

  • Diversity:Yes

Story link:

Instagram Link-

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Episode Nickname : ARC
Story Title : Wanderer of Fallen Fate
Story Genre : Romance
Description : With the ability to see the deadly fate of anyone she touches, Phoenix attempts to prevent the untimely death of a handsome stranger.
Style : Limelight
Options : CC, Choices matter.
Episodes : 3
Instagram : @arc.episode
Link : []

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Hi, thank you for making this thread!
I’d love if you’d give my story a shot! It’s a sci-fi fantasy more or less, with customization and choices! Here are the details:

Title: Sidereal
Author: aprilish
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Style: Limelight
Blurb: An unlikely turn of events brings Dahlia from outer space to outside Felix’s window. Join them on their star-crossed journey as they cherish the wonders of being worlds apart.

The covers~


Thank you so much! :heartbeat:

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Name : Right Beside you
Plot : After a traumatizing event, Nadine’s health turned upside down. Can she recuperate after visiting an Eating Recovery Center? It’s up to you. [CC/LL/POINTSYSTEM/CHOICE MATTER]
Episodes : 3
Status : On going
Gerne : Drama & Romance
Style : Limelight
CC : Available
Link :
More about my story : My story contains advanced directing and a point system . There will be 3-4 artscenes as well. I’m also using new backgrounds , instead of the ones on episode’s Art Catalogue.
My IG : nellyy.epi

Story Cover [Made by me] :

The Wall for sure!

Assassins of Blackwood
War Dogs
Life Changes
When it all falls to place