Recommend me underrated stories


I want to find more unique stories on the episode app, but I am having trouble finding them. All of the stories I want to read are buried under stories I’m not interested in lol. So I am making this post so we can recommend our favorite underrated stories to each other.


if you want action : My cold Killer
if you want fantasy: 5 elements
if you want horror: deaths game
if you want mystery: for my parents
if you want romance: maid for you
hope you enjoy them


I like how you gave a story for each genre. I’ll check these out. Thank you!


no problem these are all the stories I enjoyed and I think you would too


I made a story called SIMulation it’s different so I hope you’d like that. Also Trophy wife is a great one, shroud is so scary but good like I highly recommend it also my user name is the same on Episode so if u check my profile out all the stories on my recommendation list is super swanky.


“dead 7” if super funny and so is “I despise you”


i loved maid for you and Deaths game


My story is called Recovery in 5, instead of typical medical career the MC is on the path to become a physiotherapist. It’s a drama/romance. If you’re interested! :slight_smile:


I love dead 7


Death’s game isn’t a horror story…


GodSend if you prefer mystery
romance: A love to remember


whoops but its almost it kind off fans into that category


You might want to check out my story, Diary of a Middle School Teacher. It’s about a young woman who moves to her uncle’s hacienda in Mexico after being offered a job as an English teacher in a prestigious bilingual private school. It’s a comedy/romance.


Nothing is creepy about it, though. It’s a fantasy drama almost a bit comedic too


my mistake :confused:


I read Shroud and it was really good! I’ll check out your profile later. Thanks for the recommendations.


No prob and yes it was soooo swanky


I wrote an action story if you would like to check it out. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on it so far.
Title: Breach of Contract
Author: Chelsea
Description: Fixated on revenge, she becomes a deadly assassin living by a strict set of rules. Will she be tempted to break them?


Yay I love action stories


I am writing a drama/romance called Wild One!

Its not your average love story as the mc isnt little miss perfect and the love interest isnt a knight in shining armour. They make decisions that frustrate you, but you will still like reading about them.
I am only on episode 5 and there is much more to come in the story for all the characters!

If you do read it I would love to know what you think!

This is the link: