Recommend Mystery stories please


I’d love some great mystery stories for you guys to teccomend and i’d love a mix of mystery but with romance in it cause romance is my fave genre so any stories with mystery and romance i’d love for them to be recommended
Something like Kill My Love, Summer Share, Catfish, Secrets Of A Teenage Detective etc


Almost all I read is mystery nowadays, so here are some that I suggest:
Wentworth (By
Camp Stillwater (By Sharnaye)
Amnesia (By Josefine H.)
Rosehaven (By AJ Nicole)
These are only a few, but I certainly recommend them. If I think of any more I’ll let you know.


Do they incorporate romance too?
Thank you!


Scandalous by Mina
Blue Lights by Summer Solstice


Some of them do have romance elements to them if that’s what you mean. Cinderella (By Peiyang) is a semi mystery with romance in it.


Sounds good! Thanks!


Hidden Motives is a story I just published thats has mystery and romance if you want to take a look. :grin:



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