'recommend some commission artist <3

hi !
i was just wondering if any artist or fellow episode users know any great commission artist who can help me with an art piece for a story im currently working on <3

thanks ! xx

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Hi! I have a commission shop here: Defenestration's Art Commission Shop (Paid) {OPEN}
And I’d love to be able to help!

Hello.I’ve got 2 out of 3 commission slots open.send me an email if you seem interested.

Commission info

Instagram artists who do commissions

@LiaDrws (Was @LiaEdts but got hacked at 6k)




Not episode artist. just had them saved. one second. I have two episode artist on my phone

Wincys sale is over though


Heya! I’m a commission artist, I take requests for a small amount of money, you can check my work here. :blush:


I do Artwork

Check my instagram @verodisantoepisode

for questions and more info pm me there

regards Vero