Recommend some of your fav or own stories

any episode stories with cc ,name customization and body customization


Here’s my story: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Squad:Roadtrip
Genre: Horror (includes mystery and romance,although you won’t be forced to be romantic with anyone if you don’t want to)
Style: Limelight
IG username: may.i.writeepisode

This was supposed to be a short road trip into the woods with your old high school squad, but the place wants you to stay and uncover ALL it’s gory secrets.

Some features:

  • LGBTQ+
  • 6 LI’s (male & female)
  • choose your sexuality
  • point system
  • Very important choices!
  • CC


Some screenshots


Hey! I hope you would be interested in reading my story, it has all the things you mentioned above :white_heart:

Title: Chasing Stars
Author: @annaw.stories
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: Currently 4, more coming soon
Description: Having a celebrity brother sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Can you keep up with all the drama around him and most importantly, can you stay away from his hot best friend?


These don’t have body cc, but:
@Matilda_the_lovely has 2 AMAZING stories, Josephine and Queer:Blended
@Cindyg’s Envy, Dirty Little Secrets, and Lifelike
@Sandrag.stories’s Rule Breaker and My brothers hot friend

There are more but I’m too lazy too type rn


Thank you so much for reading my stories. It means a bunch that you enjoy them.

Josephine and the 2 LI have limited cc due to their ethnicities and personalities. Names are not optional. But you have cc for facial features, hair, etc.

Blended has 2 MC. You can choose to play as the female or the male. You can choose their names, but they have limited cc due to ethnicities (namely skin and hair are limited). The main gay LI is full cc and choice of name. If you choose female, then you have choice of generic or plus size body type. I hope that makes sense.

Title: Josephine (LL)
Author: Matilda
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20 (more coming)
Description: Josephine catches her fiance in an affair. Will she seek comfort in an unlikely lover or find happiness in the one right before her? Limited CC 2LI
Hidden Gems Shelf Jan. 2020


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Josephine (LL)

Title: Blended
Author: Matilda
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 6 (more coming)
Description: Althea and Maximo have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids. But when one of them can no longer deny their sexuality, will the family fall apart? Choice of MC, LCC, LGBTQ LI full CC. Choices matter.
Adulting Shelf Aug. 2020

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Queer: Blended


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Thanks for the thread.

Story Description

He’s a hot, heartless, mysterious vampire.You’re a powerful vampire slayer!What happens when you end up struggling to resist him and his charms?Will he love you,or kill you?CC LL
Eat Stake link

Story Description

Aria has a new job in a new town. On a night out clubbing, she learns she’s caught up in a deadly revenge plan, where someone wants her life!(some choices matter, points and timed choices, CC)
Who’s Watching Me? link

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It doesn’t fit what you’re looking for but maybe you’ll like it. :heavy_heart_exclamation:
insta @simpxzee_
TITLE- Awoken
Genre- Fantasy, drama
Chapters so far -6
Plot- Awoken from a 200 years curse, Blaze finds himself battling between revenge and his growing feelings for the one who holds nothing but hatred for him. Will he end his millennium-long battle and find love along the way or lose everything trying?


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Hey there! If you’re into the genre of fantasy/thriller/romance then my story may be of interest to you. :slight_smile:

Author: esapphire
Description: “In a world filled with dark secrets, it leaves Cynthia in a situation she never imagined. Could she be the one to mend the unbroken with the help of the four immortals?”

Link to it:

If you decide to give it a read, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

My ig is @esapphirewrites :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Hi, thanks for the thread! Maybe you can check out my story? It has full cc with body customisation in the first chapter but no name customisation atm but I hope you’ll give it a try. Thank you! :yellow_heart:

Title: Reveal: Timeline
Author: MitsuKi
IG Username: @ js_mits
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Even at the brink of death, Cherise is determined to save her King. Little did she knew, the truth will shake her heart and everything she had believed in. (LL, Full CC)


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thanks for this thread! i hope you check out mine <3

STORY TITLE: how to feel
AUTHOR: viarose
GENRE: fantasy, romance, drama
STYLE: Limelight
INSTAGRAM: @viarose.writes

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