Recommend Some Really Good LL Stories to me?


Hi, lately I’ve been wanting to read Limelight a lot. Anyone know any good drama or romances from LL?
One’s I read and Liked Are:

  • H & V: Love & Let Live
  • Treasure Hunt
  • The Revival

I avoided LL for a long time but now I’m used to how it looks


There’s a story called enemy with benefits with a good amount of episodes and it will be done after she adds like a bonus chapter or something


A really good story is called Scandalous!!!


Brozoned is really cute


jealousy in high heels is really good and also a bunch of others from the author @linawrites


Bunny boiler and the ember effect


My story is LL, has CC, and is diverse☺️ It’s called “H & V: In Too Deep”


bunny boiler is ink but it’s really good


read it lol


Ehhh I read the synopsis for ember effect…didn’t really seem like my kinda story and I’ve read bunny boiler


Rosehaven & Dirty Little Secrets are pretty good stories


Why Me - Sophie Alice
The Transformation - Sandra G
J’adore - Shai


H&V: Let Love Live by S. Langdon!

I’m coming out with a LL story so stay tuned!


I really like Envy and Dirty Little Secrets, both by Cindy Gaultier, as well as Brozoned. My story, Diary of a Middle School Teacher is also in LL. It currently has 10 published chapters.

Someone mentioned Ember Effect… is there a Limelight version? I’ve only read the Classic version.


Hit and Run


Envy, is amazing.

But everyone has Episodes “amazing” in their own way. I can bet everyone on Episode is atleast decent or good, and will be great in future


Envy. That one is amazing.


Thank you! <3 :'D


Fallen Between Time!


Until there was you is a pretty good story.