Recommend spotlight stories!

I’ve been trying to find interesting story recommendations, but most of them here don’t specify what format the story is in, so I’m having trouble finding spotlight stories. (And after searching this site for a bit, it seems like a lot of people hate spotlight. Personally I find the animation/directing in the cinematic stories kinda awkward, even in the professionally made ones. So I’d like to read more spotlight stories.)

It’d be great if the story was LGBT+, or no romance is also fine. I generally like horror and fantasy stuff, but anything’s fine tbh. I’m curious to see how spotlight stories work in Episode.

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Maternal Instincts by Elise C
The Love Scam by Layla Vex
Agent 99 by penspaperanddreams
Jellyfished by Himawari

They all have a few things you mentioned liking. Plus there’s a contest shelf with the spotlight contest winners if you need more