Recommend your favorite completed stories

Hi all! I’m looking for some new completed stories to read. Most of the ones on my list are incomplete, and I prefer waiting until a story is finished to get into it (so many don’t get finished and leave me hanging!) I’d love to discover some hidden gems or small authors with great stories. Here are my preferences:

Genre: Any except Horror. I particularly like fantasy and historical.
CC: Don’t care either way
Themes: NO vampires, werewolves, or mafia. Preferably no high school stories, unless it’s seriously the best story you’ve ever read. I love enemies-to-lovers and chosen-one-growing-into-powers tropes. I also love when a character overcomes some sort of disability or past trauma and makes something beautiful out of it.
Gems: Preferably no gem choices in the story; support the author, points top ups, and bonus scenes for gems are fine.
Examples of stories I’ve loved: Finding Emerald, College of Eternity, Season of the Witch, Eternal Oblivion, Black Magic, The Last of Her Kind, Thick as Thieves, Mindreader, Butterfly Kisses, Top Streamer, The Arrangement


My favourtie story ever is Anyone but You by Janine Dela Cruz , it does take place during high school, but it’s the best story I’ve ever read. Her other stories are amazing as well, but this one just hits different, and you read it from the perspective of a guy. It’s comedy and actually makes me laugh.


Perhaps these fall under the same thing you’re after?

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Thanks! I actually did read half of that one, not sure why I stopped. I’ll go back and finish it!

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Thanks! I’ve read all except the last haha. I’ll give it a try!

Hey, if you like comedy you should totally give my goofy little short story a read! Completed, 5 episodes, and only one optional gem choice that unlocks a special ending scene :slight_smile:

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I recommend Becoming Queen Bee, The Twenty Most Desirable, Summer Fever, Galactic Game, The Lovely One, The Lovely One: Reunion, and Seduction 101.

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Thanks I’ll definitely check it out!

Ooh thank you i don’t think I’ve read any of those!

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