Recommendations #1

I apologize if many of the stories are well-known,i will try for the next ones to put underrated gems as well.
Also i don’t know any of the accounts of the authors on episode forums so if anyone knows comment down below.
1.All of CERI’S stories ( I can’t just pick one)
Falling For Sin( I recommend you wait for the revamped version)
Us At Midnight
Bittersweet Wounds
The Fundamental Of Heartache
2. The phenomenal H&V contest entry by episode.costa (Magician’s Code) I have replayed the story three times already.
Along with her other amazing stories
I despise you
The Abdomination
3 War Dogs & Infamous by kaylas.epi
4. The infected by caitori ( i am sorry if i said your name wrong)
5. The Queen Of Limelight by ana.stacy
6. Breach Of Contract by chelsea
7. Daydreams
8. Clouds ( Cancer Awareness Story)
9. Adrenaline & Fine Line by eboni
10. The Night We Met by bars (a completed story probably gonna make you cry)
11. i married a millionare (it’s a well known story i know,but it suprised me because it had a clichè topic but managed to make it original)
Also from the same author “The Dragon Bride”
12. Beautiful Lies & Something Realy by storiesbybri on insta
Last but definetely not list
My all time favorite story on episode now
13.Six Feet Under by bebewrites.
The directing and overlays,are just breathtaking
That’s all for my recommendations!
Hope you like them!