Recommendations anyone?

Just looking for some good stories to read. Hey does anyone has any underrated episode story recommendations? Preferably no cliché mafia/gang or rich CEO romance. If you know some good ones, drop it in the comments please :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:


Well that’s hard but here are a few of my favertites (goldilocks, prophecy born) evocation, unruly magic

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Hi :slight_smile:
Check my story if you want
Title: Strenght
Author: Csr
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: Stephanie had her daughter at 17 and her father kicked her out. 18 years later her daughter Katrin struggles with dramas and with her messed family. Will they find happiness?

Other stories I can reccomend you are “Speak” by J. Miley, Melrose (I don’t remember the author name) and Persuit of happiness by Wiktoria forevel (she wrote also Blake’s serie)

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  • Adventurous: After We Met by

  • Adventurous: Uniformed Saviour by @mollie.stories

  • Adventurous: Bubblegum by @Sarah.dove

  • Adventurous: Why Today? by @nuz.epi

  • Solis: Regnum Fortes by @aedusoffical

  • Your Silhouette by @Anby.episode

  • Wicked Academic @Episode.soulles

  • Sinfully Yours by @episode.kalea

  • Act of Vengeance by @lexamarie

  • A Pathfinder’s Hymn by @JiaGrace

Highly recommend them :slight_smile:


thank you i’ll check these out

Cool I’ll check it out. I actually read a little bit of speak it’s a good story

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thanks! I’ll check it out

Dead 7 by Kayla S (lol sorry you said no mafia but this story is really good)

Have you seen Monday by Ruby L Lee

How to be funny by Kayla S

L.O.A.P by oreo biscuit

L.O.A.P 2 is its continuation

Problems of a black teenager by Di marie

Secret of changes by Rushay

Love & Dance by Andrea Elle (Not romantic its about her love for dance)

Ice Ice baby by Kayla S

Demon roommates by Kayla S

I hate zombies by Kayla S

Meet the Adams by Rasha S

5 Days by Rasha S

Cyberstalk by Elise C

Cyberstalk 2 by Elise C

Birds of Passage by Brooke Adair

The Next Stage by Lisa P

Infamous by Kayla S

College days: Aunt Flo comes to town by Lara-jane

From A to Z by Amanda and Lara-jane
(The covers look kinda like romantic but it’s not I died out of laughter)

Emerald by stephanie patrick

Cetrinda by Sarah kieser (Again not romantic but its very different story)

Infamous 2 by Kayla S

Life through his eyes by Crystal (It’s comedy)

On tour by S.M Murphy

The killer by wamyja

PP: Offline by Kayla S

Mysterious:Life or death by writtenbymegan

Boy tears by writtenby.alex

Remember Me In A Year by TrashIndividuallll had me bawling. it only has like 50 reads but omg its amazing!!

im not sure the reads on all of these but a few of them are popular so youve probably read or heard of them. i think they fit the criteria :slight_smile:

A Flawless Plan by MEA
Lost to the Painted City by MEA

Adventurous: Seven Seas by Lyra Keiken

Verdict by J. Miley

Adventurous: Delinquent by Josca Denise

and if you dont mind me recommending my own story, It Was Written In The Stars by Mars X. :smiley:

Hey i think you might like my story!
Tittle- Your my bad blood
Genre- romance

Thank you very much for recommending my story :blush:

The Royal Princess and Adventurous: Uniformed Saviour :smile:

The blood moon prophecy
Duemadiri VN
The divided
Pine hollow
Death’s game

I’m a sucker for the fantasy genre😆

My story: © Tribe of Malapinchi
Author: Jannah Jackson
Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Horror/Fantasy/Adventure
Description: Toss into a land of the sun, magic, lies and dark secrets in Asia. Can you survive, solve the havoc and save everyone before it’s too late? CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 6/7


I Recommend Adventurous: Watch me fly and Adventurous: The Show must go on

all of these are limelight and personally, these are my favorite (some of these stories contain mini game and choice matters which i really like it)

  1. The Galactic Game by Lucky (Drama)
  2. Under You by ER Gurney (Romance)
  3. Austentatious by ER Gurney (Romance)
  4. The Infected by Caitoriri (Horror)
  5. Lifelike by Cindy G (Adventure) + not to mention : Envy😂
  6. The Dragon Bride by earlgreytea (Fantasy)
  7. Her Innocence by Arrows (Romance)
  8. Rising Star by Cher (Romance)
  9. My Alien Lover by Anyanka (Fantasy)

Well does a fantasy story work out for you? If It does , I can share my story’s link if you wish. it’s about triplets, prophecy, romance , action,etc.

Here are some stories I recommend!

Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri
Stand by me by @ChaoticDreamz
Our Galaxies intertwined by @nattyjames.epi
Them Leo’s by @Naja.K
Living in the moment by @EmpressVanessa
Tainted Souls by @shewrites.episode
Wounded Souls by @SarahLuv
Hunt or get hunted by @Owlquest
Bad Behavior by @LiyahxWrites
Trouble Twins by @MayLaugh

You could also try my story out if you’d like it’s called Too much baby mama drama by Lex



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