Recommendations for Editing Apps

I’ve been considering the thought of making edits for about a month now and I’ve actually attempted to make an edit, but I still have mixed feelings about it, every time I look at it. Can someone list some good editing apps (preferably free apps) that they use and why you recommend it. The edit you see below was made on Ibis Paint X.

p.s. I know the eyeshadow sucks :woman_shrugging:t4:

I need to go back to sleep smh :upside_down_face:


Hi I think for your first try it was really impressive and I can give you some tips if you would like. I also use ibis paint x just because it is free very user friendly and just easy to use. Sketchbook is also good if you are alright with more of a challenge.

I use Sketchbook and Paint 3D, they’re both free and pretty easy to get the hang of. :ok_hand:

I could REEEALLLYY use some tips! I’m currently trying to make a second edit and this time, I’m using MediBang Paint. (btw thank you :purple_heart:

Thank you! Will try every app I can easily work with and see which is the best for me! :ok_hand:t4:

Sure juts pm me what ya want to learn!

Do you have Instagram?

I would rather use the forums.

Okay, that’s fine, even though it might take me hours to get back to you when we talk since I use forum on my laptop.

I never heard of that. They make edits or something. (do you know that your comment was temporarily hidden?)

Hah I use my phone and laptop.