Recommendations I want people to see and hear about

It seems really hard to get recommendations out there and actually put in the game but I wanted to try myself, so I’ve conducted a list of cool things that could be added regarding character’s physical features and tattoos.

  • pink eyes

  • white eyes

  • green eyes that are like olive green like the color of the skin of these emojis​:zombie::man_zombie::woman_zombie:

  • legitimate black eyes where the iris is so black, you can’t see the pupil.

  • belly button piercing

  • stackable piercings. it would be really cool for a character to wear all three face piercings at once. i also think a character should be able to have freckles or beauty marks with piercings.

  • stackable tattoos. i wish chest tattoos and stomach tattoos on a character could be worn at the same time. along with wearing leg tattoos at the same time as stomach tattoos. and it’s sucks that you can’t wear a chest or stomach tattoo if you want to wear the only tramp stamp cherry tattoo on the back.

  • stackable scars. it would be cool to have a character with double eye scar. i also think the face bruise should be able to be on anyone’s face if they have piercings, scars or beauty marks. basically, everything on the face should be stacked.

  • more tattoos that cover the chest and arms in one.

  • a hand tattoo for both genders. a skeleton hand would look so cool.

  • an entirely covered neck tattoo.

  • pregnant body and plus size male body

i also wanted to include these pictures from this lovely person on reddit and i saw that these are two almost three years old so i wanted people to see how good these example hairstyles are because i think they’re pretty cool

i have no clue if the pictures will load or work i just put them in from my camera roll


Firstly… I love those hairstyles you’ve created! :heart_eyes: :heart:

Secondly… I support your suggestions so much! Especially regarding the tattoo’s and piercings.
It would be amazing to finally give our characters both eyebrow AND nose piercings! Or eyebrow piercings with freckles. :blob_hearts: But I’d also love to see a lip ring piercing!

And huge support for the olive green eyes, too! I have green eyes… but they’re not Emerald Green [but unfortunately that’s the only shade of green they gave us] so I always end up using blue-green whenever I customize my character… because [although I love every shade of green] the Emerald Green shade is too unnatural looking!


100% support everything here! :grin: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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THIS is amazing. I fully support.

These are awesome!!

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