I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for an episode story in INK style and with character customisation? I love stories like Sundosia and Deepest desire which are to do with royalty, but in general I’m not very picky as long as they aren’t too cliche!

Maybe a story about a rebellious princess? Could be called “Rebellious royals” or something

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Thanks! I’ll make sure to check it out

Wait did you mean to write or to read? I don’t know if they’re any stories called rebellious royals I was giving you ideas to write.

So sorry if I didn’t understand what you meant!

Two of my favs:

Ahh sorry I feel so stupid! I meant to read!

Thank you I’ll have to take a look at those!

Yesss! I love those!


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Is the Trophy Wife complete? It doesn’t say so but I could see the last chapter being an ending.

Do you know if the story would drastically change if reread with different choices?

I don’t think it’s done. It says “MORE EPISODES COMING SOON”.
And there are important differences in the choices you make. I’m two replays in progress so I can make sure to read all the outcomes.

Thank you, that looks great!

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Maybe you’ll like my story “Love or Desire”. :grinning:

Here are my stories, you may check them out if you’re interested!

Title: Necessary Evil
Author: Zayen
Description: Over ten years, you’ve checked in and out of a mental asylum because of the supernatural you see. What if they were real? (CC)
Episode: 11 (Ongoing)
Genre: Mystery, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Thriller
Style: Ink

Title: H & V: Shadows of My Past
Author: Zayen Ng
Description: Running from a secret organization that raised you as an assassin, how long could you hide before your past catches up to you? How far will things have to go before you kill again?
Episode: 3 (Ongoing)
Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance, Mystery
Style: Ink
However, there is limited character customisation for this story as you can’t change the character’s skin and hair color.

Dear all, please try my games:

  1. Adventurous Ms Evans - about a daredevil girl, who has a crush on College Principal
  2. She Dares - Historical drama - based on real history facts with a breathtaking love plot
  3. Business Games - super mature game about relationship at work and what it is like a life in a business community that awaits us all sooner or later

Will be glad to hear you feedback!

Babes, this is not a promo thread. The OP wanted others to suggest Ink stories with character customization. Please stay on topic.

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:heart::heart::heart:!!!THE TROPHY WIFE BY AS TOLD BY BRANDI !!!:heart::heart::heart:

Rebounding with Storm by S.W. Rose

Gravity by Amelia Rose (you customize 6+ characters)

The Fourth Floor by h.b.

Attracted To The Nerd by Z. Brady (you’re given the option to fully customize but I would suggest either partially customizing the characters [2 of them], or not customizing them at all)

The Bunny Boiler by Jasmin Dee (:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:)

THE DOBERMAN BY MEESZA (same situation with Attracted To The Nerd)

Side Chick’s Guide to Revenge by writtenbymegan

Beyond the Stage by Andrea Elle

LOVE IS A DRUG by Anneka Moon

FADE INTO ME by Kaylee (:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:)

I know it’s a lot, but honestly… TREAT YO SELF.

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Ah I’ll definitely check it out x

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