Record the story using Android

Hi everyone,

I’d like to record my sotry to create a video later on.
Is there a trick to dit instead of using my phone camera and record another screen ?

Thank you !

  • Download a screen-recording app.


  • Record it using the record function in Episode.
  1. You click on your story, and a box should pop up with the large cover, title, description and author etc. There are three buttons. On the very right, there are three dots.

  2. Tap those three dots and some options will come up from the bottom. Press, ‘Start Recording’.

  3. Alternatively, click into the story properly (so that you’re in the first scene). There will be three dots inside a rectangle-oval kind of shape in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Tap that, and tap the ‘Start Recording’ option.

Thanks !
The “start recording” is only for iOs actually so I download an app and it works perfectly !

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Ah, okay. Good luck.

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