Recording Button for Android ⏯

For a long time, I used to have IOS system and would be able to record pieces of my story, and create trailers or sneak peeks. But now, I changed to Android and I miss having this feature.

Is there a reason why only one system has it? Is there a way you guys can add this feature for Android? If this has been suggest it or answer in some other post, please let me know! @Liz @Jeremy

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iOS has this feature because its something that Apple built into iOS itself and we able to use it. Android does not have this feature built into their OS so there is no way for us to give it to Android players.


You can download screen recorders that you can use for this purpose.


Thank you so much for letting me know!

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That’s a good idea! I’ll check for a good one, thank you! :blush:!


Hi Liz! :blush:

Not sure if you’re able to answer this - out of curiosity, is it a possibility for Episode to be added to Google Play Games? Google Play Games has a built-in recording feature, so I was wondering if there was a chance for it in the future.


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