Recreate texting scene from The Baby Project



So when I was reading the baby project, there is a scene where she is texting her friend. Is it possible to recreate that??


@Dara.Amarie is that your work? :heart_eyes:


Yes it is! Lol

The phone is an overlay and so are the text messages

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I figured. So how did you get each bubble to show up when you tap on the screen?


The speech bubble’s scale size is 0%


What happened to the pro pic? :open_mouth:


If you don’t mind, could you give me a code example?


Felt like I needed a change lol


Lol, you look nice.


I love Danny Phantom lol


&overlay OVERLAY scales/shifts to blah blah
@speechbubble is 0 0 to 0%
Text you can’t see.

&overlay OVERLAY scales/shifts to blah blah
@speechbubble is 0 0 to 0%
More text you can’t see.


It’s my girl Sam from Danny Phantom :heart:


XD she pretty


Thanks! I love The baby Project btw!


Get your question answered? :slight_smile:


Um, is it possible to know where you got them from?

or is it top secret Episode staff stuff?


The overlays? I think Cass created them. I just had to add the text, send them in, then animate them.


Hey, nice work! I’m new to coding these stories and didn’t even know you could do this!


Oh, OK.


I did thank you and @Dara.Amarie I will credit it you!