Recruiting Artists

So, I decided To make Another Art group but ofc I need people to join me as well If you’re interested Drop your name down below, What things you’re comfortable with doing as well as your examples.


Alyssa or Aly Cat

Do you have any examples of your work by chance? @valo.o

Yes I do, Why?

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Okay Thank you, I will let you know.

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Cause I usually prefer to know and see the diffrent types of artists also so I know their style of art. :crazy_face::two_hearts:

That’s understandable, Here are some of my examples

My examples

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My name is Shortney and I can do pretty much any art request


Name: Kylie, bean, or candy works for me.
What I am comfortable with doing: Anything art overlays ink ll PFP covers art scenes etc…
Some examples of your work:


Okay thank you, I will let you know.

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Thank you, I will let you know :blush:.

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Alrighty!?! :clap::two_hearts::hugs:

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