Recs with choices

Looking for stories that have hard choices in them?


What kind of genres are you looking for?

I suppose you could try SHREW by Amber J although I personally don’t think the choices are that difficult, at least not yet. It’s a fantastic story either way so I definitely recommend it.

The Infected by Caitoriri has plenty of choices too that award you with points, give you clues and determine whether you can save other characters or not.

Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane by Marshmellow O. I don’t remember a whole lot about this one because it’s been a long time since I’ve read it, but I remember it had plenty of choices.

I guess you could try all of Margo Vincent’s stories… from my limited experience with them, you lose points hella easily and it’s difficult to get “back up.” :joy:🤷

Darkest Knights by frost king

It’s one of my favorite :cowboy_hat_face:

Title - Accidental Hybrid
Genre - Fantasy
LIs - 3 - 2 male and 1 female
CC - for MC and LIs
Points system used
Choices matter
Multiple endings
Mini games
Suitable for tablets

Description - The supernatural world exists and thanks to a curse, no one wants you. You also happen to be the first hybrid known in existence, good luck (LGBTQ+)

And my other story

Title: Bound to you
Genre - Fantasy
CC - Yes, for MC and LI
Love interests - 1
Gender of LI - 1 male
Points systems used
Mini games
Suitable for tablets

Description - a common enemy threatens those you’ve promised to protect but what happens when you’re forced to work with your sworn enemy? Will sparks fly, or will love win the war?