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I look up. “You ok?” I ask rubbing her shoulder.

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“Yeah I’m just out of breath.”


“I would live with you if you ever wanted me to.” I say smiling. “Just to bros there to keep each other alive and sane.”


“Well we were both in a rush and forgot to grab them. I think her friend has a phone.”



“Ok. Want him?” I ask feeling a little uncomfortable and feeling like I need to cough.



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“I can take him.” I say as I hold my hand out to take him.



“Everyone rejects me which makes my life worse and i just dont fit in here like i used to months ago.” I finish my food and trhow the garbage away

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I hand him to her. I then stand up and stretch. I check the time. “Got a few more hours.”



I smiled at Rose and said “nah baby girl I don’t need to feel I was just curious was all. But babe we should head or so we can do whatvwe said we were going to do and also I got something else today before the weeding. I’m sure Kat and Leo need time to relax or get ready or nap or something.”



I pulled my phone out of my pocket. “Well you can use my phone to call.”


“Is your sister here because I might hang with her or have her meet baby boy here while your gone.”



“Yeah shes back. Before I go I’ll text her to come visit you.” I put on my vogmask.




“Sounds good my love.” She smiled as she got up. “Food was good.”



“Ok Orion is in my room waiting for you he was going to step some stuff for Coda up while he waited.”



“Ok I’ll go help him and tell Paige to come as soon as she can.” I kiss her goodbye. I also kiss Coda. I walk up to Brynns room. “Hey.”



I kiss him before he leaves and I rock Coda.
“Hey I’m just putting so some stuff together.”



“Ok.” I walk over and look at the instructions.