Red Band Society sign ups official


@ChayChay new character is done I just have to choose between the 3 fc pictures I have


Make him cute… Ariana needs a cute hot guy… lol


Ok I’ll let you choose then I like them all so I’ll just send them to you on one of our pms.


Sounds good…


Ugh I’m so bored rn and it’s like almost all of my characters are single except one in Auror High so they dont always get to talk about n
boys with other girls when the do…lol I think Allison in Love High wouldn’t do well with a guy because he could be a gold digger


I have a boy I think let me look


Oh I’m fine it’s just really funny and when I play Allison in love high i always have to make her seem feisty and rude around guys




Okay yeah Austin’s approachable


Well yeah I have some characters…
I have Viola and Jason


Wanna have one of them talk to Austin?


Sure… which one would you prefer. He met Jason before but not Viola… she is demigay so she won’t hit on him… poor thing will never have a girl now since Abella dropped out


I may pick Abella up as my character but change her a bit if that is ok with you we can still do the relationship thing


That’s fine… Viola GAve Abella a ring and asked her to be her girlfriend but Abella never answered they are best friends.


Ok I’m going to look over her fc info and make some revision and send them to fal


Sounds good


Lyla’s still Approachable…


Jason and Viola are too…


Is anyone still approachable?


I’m approachable at the moment :relaxed: