Red Band Society sign ups official


We accept the fact we had to sacrifice our time in this hospital for whatever it is we have but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms and most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a mean girl, and a girl next door, and a player, a new guy and a rebel. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, The Red Band Society.
welcome to hembrooke hospital in Boulder, Colorado! You don’t just always go there for a heck up or even a surgery. You could be one of the teens that actually live there. They could have a medical or even mental condition and need to stay there. There a whole different ward for them, a school, everyone has their own room, game rooms and the place that many hang out at during night is the roof! But it’s not all fun, they also have doctor appointments and the nurses checking in on them. They call themselves the red band society since they each have a red band on their wrists that means they are in the teens ward. the roleplay basically revolves around this group of sick teenagers living in the pediatric ward of the hospital. each is afflicted with their own troubles and each has their own backstory and differing former lifestyles. but now that they are all on equal playing fields, their stories start to connect and get tangled within each others. just because they’re in a hospital, doesn’t mean life stops, perhaps just the opposite…


Disease ideas

can have something else just some ideas!

• leukemia
• cirrhosis
• cystic fibrosis
• drug addiction
• kidney disease
• enlarged heart
• osteosarcoma
• multiple sclerosis
• glaucoma
• meningioma

sorry but no more anorexia or depression too many lol want more diverse people

• don’t start fights please.
• if you don’t know much about the illness you choose, do a little research or just pm me, i’ll be happy to answer any questions.
• please have a faceclaim that isn’t anime/emo
• drama is encouraged.
• fade out if it gets to that point.
• you can swear.
• if you are uncomfortable or triggered by in depth detail of eating disorders, depression/self-harm, addiction, or strong/suggestive language then this thread probably isn’t for you.
• i really don’t care if you powerplay on little things because we are all guilty of it.
• be at least semi advanced. yeah, we all get low muse where our posts suck, that’s acceptable, but in general don’t sign up if you aren’t an adequate writer. Meaning at least 3 sentences.
• try to be moderately active.
• try and keep the genders balanced.
• be respectful.
• i can deny your forum. apologies in advance if i do. please don’t argue with me.
• don’t make your characters perfect.
• have fun!

IC rules

can be broken

• don’t leave the hospital without permission.
• no skipping group sessions or treatments.
• do not enter restricted areas.
• follow basic etiquette.
• any violation of these rules will result in appropriate action.

if you have seen red band society think of that

sign ups
face claims

just tagging some people
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Roleplays to join?

I would love to help you!!!



Awesome thanks!! If you want to make any of the docs or the form you can lol



Oooh I wanna join



I want to reserve for one with leukemia



This seems like a cool rp, i’ll join



There’s a problem with the sign-up.

The disorder needs me to fill in a number instead of a word.


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I’ll change it!



if anyone knows any who’d want to join plz tag them!



I want to sign up I just wanted to know why you may reject a form just to ensure that I dont do something that would get my form rejected.



Signing up love the idea sounds really interesting



Just if people like male their characters to perfect or too sad or to stereotypical and stuff like that! Tbh probs won’t!!!



ok thanks then I start filling the form out right now I just really love the show this is based on so didnt want to be rejected.

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ok this is probably a stupid question and its probably because im tired but does name mean the name of your character or your forum name?? And what is attraction feel really stupid but probably from how tired I am.



Yes name of character and attraction is who they are attracted to aka heterosexual, bisexual, etc!

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Ok yeah thanks i was trying to fill it out while being sleep deprived it makes sense now. But it did make me feel stupid.

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Any idea of when this will begin?




When we get more people. So far we have 3



I’m planning my character out



I have two that I will submit probably tonight and I think @fal.renet1398 said something about filling out forms for this too

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