Red band society


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I continue to follow Lyla. Once we got there I pull out my phone with 100+ insta notifications. I then put my phone away.


I look at Shawn’s notifications and laugh. I then catch myself before I said anything too revealing.






She smiles. “I know. I love u.”


“Thank u.”



“Yeah drugs and my gang it will be fun for them to come with”


I had smiled a little and I sat down. “Thanks.”


I fell asleep and I wake up on the ventilator



He staggered in the halls, trying to find the exit. “Exiiiiiiiiiiit…” His tone was sad and underwhelming.

For the love of god someone approach him


Orp I wish I could all of my characters arent approachable


Orp: Then let me steal Shawn away or something idk lol.


Orp: Whomst?


Orp- Kennedy and Bella


orp I would but hes only a visitor and has to stay with Lyla


Orp: :face_with_monocle: Hmmmm tell me about Bella


Orp: What if they bump into eachother, the group bumping into Yassine.



He was still a little mad at Derek. But he dosent show it. “So how are u feeling babe?”



Orp: Why only eating disorders!!


Orp they are with Noah and just got to the hangout room


Orp: :+1: