Red Flagggsss 🚩

What red flags have you experienced from someone?
If ya don’t know what a red flag is metaphorically not physically, it means something you hate/would never do. :sunglasses:


When my bestfriend told me to punch someone.


Some one get bully episode form.


possessiveness. just in friendship, like grabbing and pulling you when you’re having a conversation with someone else, getting in between you two, always holding your arm.

and i guess when people use how much you care about them against you. like if you love someone so much, they might not feel the same, but they’ll still use your love to benefit them while pushing you down.


Some old dude kept staring at me through my car window. And I could see him in the corner of eye. Every time he looked at me I literally wanted to scream. Rest assured I didn’t leave the car.


I was dating this dude and like the first thing he told me was “don’t call me Mr. Avacado man”. I instantly knew this wouldn’t work out. I’m not even joking :pensive:


If yours mans don’t let you call him Mr. Avocado man-


l o l. :rofl:


That’s the thing, if I can’t be weird with you what’s the point?

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There’s isn’t one.


Not necessarily of a friend or relationship, just in general:

  • A kid under 8 who cusses like a sailor. Not going anywhere near that kid or their parents.

  • Or I guess just bad parenting that’s immediately evident. I know raising a kid is hard, but if you have one, you’ve gotta raise it.

  • Fedoras.

  • Any rude/cruel behaviour to people/animals who can’t fight back (definitely includes waiters/cashiers etc).

  • Constant victim attitude includes extremely excessive SJW behaviour. Yes, life isn’t fair and some people are treated badly, but you can’t make that your entire personality.

  • Outward signs of excessive laziness (including poor hygiene). If ya can’t take a shower every day or two or three, you probably need help in one way or another. Same if you can’t afford toothpaste.

These are just the ones that come to mind right now, might edit, might not lol.


Honestly same


My “friend” fat shaming one of my other friends and lying about other people.


I see that on someone’s head-
I’ve already yeeted the f*ck outta there.


When I thought I was really good friends with people and then I’d see online that they went out without me. I used to wonder why people like this didn’t invite me, then I realised they’re just bitches and I’m better off without them :tipping_hand_woman:t3: People doing this is always a red flag lol.

  1. People who pretend to be someone their not when you first meet them. Like first impressions are everything sure but pretending to be a completely different person means your hiding something about yourself you don’t want me to know.

  2. Acting disinterested in other people’s issues. Most people say “it’s because it doesn’t concern me” but basic empathy for someone in a rough spot in their life is an innate human ability. Lacking it is a sign of narcissism and a lack of empathy.

  3. People who become aggressive when you disagree with them even over little things. This speaks for itself.

  4. People who talk trash about people all the time or complain too much. They are usually talking trash about you too but you don’t know it, they never have anything good to say and try and overshadow your problems.

  5. People who partake in “group think”. Basically compromising your personality to fit in. Doing what your group does because your afraid of being left out. Individuality is something to be shared, if your friends with someone like that they will most likely exclude you if you don’t want to act like a sheeple with them, they are social climbers, and they will hurt other people as long as the group says it’s ok. It’s cool to have a group but not if you’re compromising yourself to keep it. Friends are suppose to make you happy not the other way around.

  1. People who are excessively braggadocios
  2. People who think they are superior than others as a whole (You can be superior than others in certain skill sets and such… but not as a whole for the most part)
  3. People who are hypocritical ( knowingly or unknowingly)
  4. People who manipulate others

Oh boy.
This is coming from ya girl who was trapped in a mentally/emotionally abusive relationship for way too long.

• Forcing sympathy. If a partner uses something tragic or sympathetic about them to trap you. (For me, it was a minor heart condition. Nothing too serious at all, but he exaggerated it and used it to force sympathy from me. Used it to isolate me from family and friends and only speak with him because he ‘wasn’t going to live long’ which wasn’t true, he is still healthy and kicking to this day.)

• Creating the perfect ‘broken’ partner. He would very subtly remind me of thing and subtly tell me things, slowly breaking down my self esteem and worth etc etc. Then when I was at my lowest, super depressed and lonely, he would swoop in and pretend like he was the reason for my happiness. It made me feel dependent on him.

• HUGE RED FLAG using self harm and the threat of suicide to get me to stay or talk with him. It reached seriously disturbing levels. To the point where he would send me photos of it and encourage me to DO THE SAME AND SEND HIM PHOTOS SO WE COULD ‘share the pain’. Fml.

• Manipulated inappropriate photos from me, use them to 1- threaten me into staying and 2- again, destroy my self worth to build it up again and form a dependence on him.

• Monitor every social media to see if I was online. Spam me and bug me endlessly to the point where I could barely contact anyone else. This was another form of how he cut me off from family and friends (I had to delete every bit of social media o had to lose this guy)

Those were just the ones I experienced. Thank god i skedaddled outta there while I could, and am much better off.
Please don’t let yourself be trapped and isolated, children, and if a partner/friend begins showing any of these red flags, know that it may suck to do so, but you need to dUMP THEM FROM YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY AND NEVER RETURN.
Stay safe :clap:t3::yellow_heart:

bUmP. :sunglasses:

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It would be easier to list the times I don’t get red flags. I’m incredibly paranoid.

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