Red glass overlay


Hey! I’m looking for the red glass overlay that characters usually drink at parties!
And I would love to know where to find overlays in general :blush: thanks

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It’s not an overlay, it’s a prop called Red Cup

You use it by scripting the command:
@add Red Cup to CHAR

And then you can use a drinking behavior
When you’re done with it you can remove it with the following command:
@remove Red Cup from CHAR

You can find props here:

And you can find overlays here:

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Thank you very much!! :heart_eyes:
I know where to find overlays on the website, I wanted to know if there are some IG pages or similar where to find others :blush: (like tears, animals, etc…). I’m sorry, I wasn’t very specific before!


Oh ok, yea totally
Here are some of my favs:

Driving/Color Car Help

Thank you :heart:




Also, check it out the Episode Life site :wink:




Cheers to all who responded! Closing thread :v:t2:

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