Red/Purple Eye Colors?

Question! What do you think of the “unnatural” eye colors such as purple and red on NOT supernatural/fantasy characters? (Except when it’s used as a rare gene or something like that)

One of my characters has purple eyes because I associate him with purple y’know, and he had them in INK since there wasn’t much of a variety, but now there is in LL and I’m considering just changing his eyes to dark brown and his hair to purple (half way through my story)…He’s just a regular dude :sweat_smile:, and I wanna be mostly realistic/accurate :grinning:

So do you use them like every other color? Why or why not?

Side note: there’s basically the general colors except pink and like yellow :fist::pensive:

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Personally, I don’t really mind them, but I tell myself that they’re just wearing contacts. My biggest issue with them being used on non-supernatural characters, is that it’s always a rare gene excuse, and throughout the entire story, their unusual colour becomes the only thing about the character that is repeatedly referenced and used to make them stand out. They have pet names because of the purple or red eyes… they are unique because of the colour of their eyes… they’re attractive because of the unusual colour of their eyes. It gets boring quickly to me. A character should be unique because of who they are, not what eyes they have, so it seems like these characters often lack depth, their rare gene (really not rare in the world of episode!) is who they are.

I’d much rather see someone depicted as quirky, maybe noting that they wear coloured contacts to go with their out-there fashion sense because they’re artsy, or bold. They maybe change eye colour on and off, with different outfits etc. At least that way it makes them someone who has a personality to do with the eye colour.


100%^ I agree, it becomes their whole personality/identity which simply isn’t interesting enough, as you said, it is boring.

I like the idea of contacts being used for fun by a character, I haven’t thought if it being used like that given I haven’t seen much of it and it does in fact already paint them as a distinctive individual :smiley:

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I hate it when people use red or purple on normal characters, those are unrealistic eye colours.

I just find it annoying. I feel like its bad character design.

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I think they’re applicable, and their uses vary from story to story. A general rule of thumb is that to avoid using them on every character. Even if some wear contacts, not all does, 1 out of every 50 characters should be fine, but 1 out of 5 is too much. If the character is important in the story, you can address it (them wearing contacts) sometime in the future.

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