Red Rubies Art Shop! [CLOSED]

Welcome to Red Rubies Art Shop!
@xetic, @eilyk, @Problematic_Patrick, @Epi.milkyway and I have worked and collaborated together to open an art shop! Read through everyting before requesting and we wish you a good day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@eilyk (full)
@xetic (backup artist)
@Epi.milkyway (on break)

Please read through all the rules very carefully!!!

(1) Drama free. Drama of any kind will not be tolerated on this thread! No starting fights with any artists or people. No spreading hate and displaying signs of disrespect. No spamming on this thread will be allowed and if you wish to have a change to your art or have some beef with any artists or customers please take it to a pm. If any rude behaviour is displayed more than twice it may result in being banned from our art shop.

(2) Thread Hopping. This is a big fat NO. This is extremely disrespectful to all the artists that are involved and can piss off many of us. Since we have put so much work into our art only to have it done by someone else exactly. This is very concerning and can bring our artists down. None of this will be tolerated on this thread and can result in a ban.

(3) Patience. Please have patience. Our artists have real lives outside of episode and requests can take hours on end to finish and complete. So please be patient and let our artists take their time while completing requests. This is why we only take 5 requests at a time so each artist can take one.

(4) Use. We will put it simply. After 50% of the work is done there is NO cancellation for the request. And if you want to cancel the request at any point before 50% please pm the artist immediately. Any kind of this behaviour is really gut-wrenching since our artists spend time on their artworks.

(5) Stealing and Credit. After all the work our artists put into their pieces it is a MUST to give credit. The format sould be a readerMessage saying “@artistname on the forums made this artwork,” or a post on IG giving credit. Because stealing is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

(6) Appropriate. Any requests that violate the episode guidelines will not be accepted. Also, requests with porn, drinking, sexual content, drugs, harassment, bullying, 18+ content, exploitation, and discrimination will not be accepted. Hard no. We dont do that over here hun bun.

Bhaddie's examples

I can do like art scenes, pfps, body overlays, outlines, outline sketches. I only do waist up, non-realistic, comic style edits in INK.

Pastel's examples

Okie I do drawn edits/pfp’s! (more examples coming soon

Khyliee's examples

I do drawn edits/pfps, outline only half-body and in ink.

Patrick's examples

I do everything almost and do both ink and limelight. (only limelight artist here)

Tea's examples

I do drawn edits/pfps, outlines, poses, art scenes in ink only!

Password: lol

Preffered artist (does not mean you will get that artist):
Type of art:
Details of characters (ss is optional):
Timeframe (to give an idea, patience is still needed):
Pose reference (attach ss):
Other (piercings, markings, jewelry and etc.):
Style (soft or hard shading):

Waiting list:

@Purva is currently being done by @Problematic_Patrick... :white_check_mark:
@lvqbrl is currently being done by @eilyk :white_check_mark:
@ashlei_writes is currently being done by @khyliee... (on hold)
@Luna1559 is currently being done by @Problematic_Patrick (backup is @bhxddiewrites)...
@Epi_Gaines is currently being done by @khyliee :white_check_mark:
@Andrea_Hemes is currently being done by @tea_ish :white_check_mark:
@eilyk is currently being done by @Problematic_Patrick
@KiraNoir is currently being completed by @Problematic_Patrick :white_check_mark:
@lili.writes is currently being completed by @pastelthunder8
@BurgundyTheCavalier is currently being completed by @tea_bish
@ORLA1991 is currently being completed by @khyliee
@sahra.episode is currently being completed by @Problematic_Patrick :white_check_mark:

Thank you for stopping by our shop!
Love the team


Can you make an art scene for me

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I want my one character to propose and other one to be happy so are you doing it? I will information if you will do it

Details:- 1) I want limelight art scene ,2) password :- lol ,3)character name :-Anna and shawn. 4) Pose :- I want shawn to propose by sitting down and anna is crying with happiness. 5) character dress : Anna should wear any beautiful long gown and Shawn will wear a black suit. 6)Time frame :- 1 week. 7) character face :- Shawn lips are medium with natural colour and anna is small heart with red colour . Shawn hair is tapery wavy and medium blonde colour and anna is long wavy in blonde colour. Shawn has beard face and anna is small heart. Shawn eyes is narrow almond eyes with blue colour and anna has generic eyes with back colour. Shawn nose and anna nose you keep it that way that is suits them you choose them by yourself. Skin colour of anna and Shawn is fair. Eyebrows are thin of both and in black colour. 8)Background:-night garden. 9) character image :- 10) character zoom :- full body and in the image Shawn is at left and Anna is at right side. 11)Style :- soft shading, others : anna will wear any beautiful necklace and bracelet which suits her you will know better and Shawn will have box on his had inside it will have a ring.

Preffered artist: Khyliees artwork is prefeered.
Password: lol
Type of art: Simple
Details of characters :!
Outfit(s): The ones in the photos .
Timeframe: Around a week or so maybe by the 25th of June. I don’t really mind how long.
Pose reference : With the girl (Luna) can she be in the pose primp. With the dude with light brown hair (Sawyer) can he be in flirt_wink on the left hand side of Luna and holding a gun. With the other dude with dark brown hair (Seth) can he be in Angry_arms Crossed on the right hand side of Luna. Can both the guys be in the background of Luna.
Text: No text please.
Other (piercings, markings, jewelry and etc.): Can you please make sure Luna has the gold necklace it’s a big part of the story. And that Sawyer has the gun and a sleeve tattoo on one arm.
Style: Hard shading please
Background: Can the background look like a barrie forest with a moon.

Hope this isn’t too much to ask please tell me if you have any more questions xx.
I was wondering if I could have your email so I could send you a photo of my characters and the background preference?

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Preffered artist(I do not know if she will be or not) :- @Epi.milkyway


Sorry and what do you mean by password?

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Actually when you are requesting someone then you have to use their password. If you do not use the password then they will not accept the request.

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What if I don’t know the password?

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But don’t worry I understand that you wrote here for first time so they will accept your request but remember that for future


They have given the password up ,see it carefully

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Haha yep. Thanks.

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Ok now edit your message and put the password

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You have to click that pencil button down there which is at the middle.

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I can’t find the password. :confused:

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Password is written after the examples of art but the password is blured so click it to see clear.

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Right omg haha thanks.

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I think so that you will not able to edit now so put password separately because you have now started this

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:smiley::smiley::kissing_heart::heart_eyes: welcome. I am happy to help you


Sorry final question how do you put a screenshot into a message? Haha as you can tell I’ve never used the community forum.

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