#redinstead do you support autism speaks?

The second of April is arriving soon, and that means autism speaks light up blue campaign once again will be here, and I wanna explain why you should support #redinstead which are against autism speaks

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for people who don’t know autism speaks is an autism charity group, their arent liked by most autistic people.

a few fast reasons as to why

  1. for many years they claim only boys could be autistic, that’s why its light it up blue campaign because blue is a boy colour

  2. they supported electro shock therapy for autism,

  3. they made a campaign with PETA claiming milk gives autism

  4. They also supported the idea that the vaccine gives autism

  5. they are actively looking for a cure for autism, but that cure is making sure we are not born at all, by that I mean they put money into finding a way to see if a fetus is autstick so they can abort it.

  6. and lastly they made this

I really recommend these two videos if you wanna know more, about why you shouldn’t support autism speaks I recommend watching these two videos.


Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness!


of course, as an autstick person, I feel its an importent thing to spread.


You should probably change the title a little bit to say “#redinstead do you support Autism Speaks


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I am still haunted by that “I Am Autism” advertisement for Autism Speaks. I think alongside all of the problems you mentioned, they’re so focused on the parents of autistic children, and never autistic kids. It’s always how we’re a burden on family, friends, teachers, etc. Some of the things that the parents have the nerve to say about/to their children (even inciting violence) in the ads is absolutely disgusting.


true. 100% true

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Right, and it’s funny cause their name is Autism Speaks, but yet they let everyone else speak about it. :clown_face: :+1:


the second video ask an autstick, she actually talk about autism speaks, is like a woman orginasation helping woman, and the only one who leads or advicate for it, is men.


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