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You don’t need to credit me as long as you don’t claim the work as yours or someone else’s. :+1:

Sure thing!

Great, thanks! :kissing_heart:

Hey redd,
I need my cover asap…
Sorry if i sound unpolite but i really need it!
When can i expect it?

I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, I’ll try my best to get it to you by this weekend. Could you please provide me with the exact details of your character features and outfits? It’s a little hard to tell with my bad eyesight, haha.

skin: gold 02
brow: arched thick styled, light brown
hair: short wavy ombre, light brown
eyes: round medium, blue aqua
face: square defined
nose: round button
mouth: full heart pouty

MC right side
top: Twist Top Tank Cotton Pink Salmon
bottom: Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
shoes: Wedge Saddle Laces Suede Tan

MC left side:
top: Twist Top Tank Cotton Grey Light
bottom: Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
shoes: Wedge Saddle Laces Suede Tan

If you want an example: my profile picture is a temporary cover, you can make something like that if it’s hard for you to imagine :slight_smile:

twins are standing against each others back
right one is holding a gun with two hands
smoke background
twins are in a spotlight
title: Dangerous Twins
left side-Dangerous, among each other
right side-Twins, among each other

Sorry again that I was impatient!

Hey, everyone! Quick update; I’m very busy with some real life stuff, but I assure you I’m still working on your requests. I’m so sorry to keep you all waiting, and I anticipate that everyone’s requests are done by next week. Thank you for your patience! :heart:

Dangerous Twins Cover Art - @DiamondThingy | Colouring Drawn Characters
Lime Green Bedroom + Here Comes the Sun Bedroom - @Sama_T | Working on Lime Green Bedroom
Drawn Character - @Ilayda.G | Drawing Outline
Cover Art - @episodegrace | Large Cover Alternation
Cover Art - @1ngrid | Discussing Cover

If you’re on this list and would like to alter your request or drop out from the list, please message me or reply on this thread.

Again, so sorry for the wait, and I anticipate that it’s all done by next week. Thank you!



Hi, I would like a cover

Story Title: Love you to death
Genre: Horror

Background: it can be anything as long as it fits the story
Description: ever since you started dating you’re boyfriend, it seems like you can’t go a day without being in danger
Drawn/Edit: I don’t want it drawn
Large/Small/Both: Both
Additional Information: it the small cover I would like home like kinda hugging her and he has a knife towards her but she’s unaware and for the large cover I would like her to be sleeping but kinda has her eye open and him standing over here with a knife
I want the small cover kinda like this one except her looking kinda afraid and he’s holding the knife instead of her

And the large cover kinda like this one except she’s in a bed and there’s gonna be her boyfriend standing over her with a knife

Hope that makes sense lol😂

And I know it says closed but I’m in no rush to get these so it can take months I don’t rly care lol

I’m in no rush :slight_smile: take your time :heart:

I’m finished with your cover, but they’re not exactly facing back to back. I do not have much experience with custom poses, unfortunately. Don’t be afraid to ask for an alteration.

All done! Do these bedrooms work for you? @Sama_T



These are perfect! Thank you so much! :heart::heart:

Hey there I was wondering if y’all do episode are like characters and backgrounds. And if you do please reply to this comment. Thank you

Hi, everyone! After a long hiatus, I have decided to re-open my art shop. However, as I understand and apologize for those who requested and haven’t gotten their art yet, I am also aware that you might no longer need what you requested previously. As a result, if you still need what you requested to me, please message me! Sorry again for the inactivity, and I will be opening it back up for requests again. Thank you!



Cover Art

Story Title: Broken
Genre: Drama

I want to have Dimitri’s hand around Matteo’s waist. Matteo is shorter that Dimitri so can I have Matteo short. Can you have Dimitri awkward while his hand is around his waist. The have Matteo at eye roll
Drawn/Edit: Edit
Large/Small/Both: Both
Additional Information: Can you have the Author name weird at the bottom.

Name, any name
I want 3 interiors and 1 exterior
I want an abandoned cabin in this forest
1 with lights
1 without

3 interiors
1 spaceship living room
1 space queen throne room
1 spaceship attic
Time of day
Cabin one, both day n night
Living room
Both d n n
Throne room

Got it! Just two questions:
Are you looking for a space-themed room or a living room in outer space (or both?) If the latter, as outer space does not really accord with time of day, would the night equivalent of the living room be a darkened version with no lights?

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Sounds good! Just to clarify, the author name is “Weird”?

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