ReeseTheReallyGrumpy's Splash and cover request thread (this is open!)

Hello peeps! I’m going to try and do some basic cover work and more advanced splash work and see how this works out! Some samples of my work are on my DeviantArt account: but these are not splashes or covers as I have not made any of those yet. Just tell me the title of the story, your username on episode, what you want the cover/splash to look like, and any character details if you want characters in your cover/splash. Thank you, and I hope you request!

To request, here are the forms:

Splash form:
What you would like the splash to say-
What you would like the splash background to be-
If you want characters in the splash, what their details and pose are-
Font of text (optional)
Any other details-

Cover request:
If you have characters in the cover, details and poses-
Font of text (optional)-
Anything else-


Untitled I actually decided to do an example splash. This is one of the more basic things I can do. o This is a cover I can do as well.



Would you like to request a splash or cover?