Reference: Creating a Flat Chest on the Female Body

Here are some outfits I put together for my character. These outfits conceal the chest and are masculine presenting. This can be useful for trans characters. My character specifically is a trans woman and these outfits are for her past self (when she was still in the closet) that wore more masculine clothes.

It wasn’t easy to find everything I needed for these outfits so I wanted she share them here to hopefully give other people ideas!

If you have any outfit ideas for outfits that hide the chest, please share them below!


These look really good I do wish their were more flat-chest clothing


BLESS! you are officially our savour

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These are really good!

Also just wanted to say: If the character was born a female and then transitioned to male, then they are a transman/transgender man, meaning they would have a male body but be female-presenting

If your character was a transwoman, they would have a male body with feminine clothes (assuming this was before any physical alterations)

Yes, I know. My character was born and assigned male but is a woman. That is just back when she conformed to the gender she was assigned at birth, when she was still in the closet. But this is what she looks like now:

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Oh these are perfect! Thank you for sharing.

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