Referencing other works?


Hi everyone, when writing a story, am I allowed to make passing references to other fictional works as long as they are not a plot point. For instance in a chapter I am currently writing I have a small reference to Harry Potter, is that allowed?


yes. You can say things like “I love tvd! Wanna watch?” as long as it isn’t too major like stealing the show’s characters/plots


Great thanks, because the line I have is: “Well done, I’m impressed, if this were Hogwarts I’d give you and your House 10 points” :slight_smile:


and do you want a cover or splash


yes, that’s ok. btw Doctor Who rules!


Thanks, but I’m all covered, the story is already published, this is the upcoming chapter 15 I’m writing atm.


What is the story name I like to read it


It’s my favourite show, I can name all the actors in order :slight_smile:


you could want a cover change? Not pressuring you. I think it would be cool tho. For the 15th chapter


It’s called Out of Time, I hope you like it :slight_smile:


Thank you but no, I’m quite happy with the cover as it is.


ok. If you got the answer you need, tag ryan or jeremy and ask them to close.


@Ryan Please close this, I got the answer I needed.