Refering to custom name not working?

I have the custom name template. and the character that gets to change the name (the main character), but when I refer to her in the script (her name is Prin) as [PRIN] it doesn’t work. do I have to input what character that has a custom name? or am I referring to her wrong?

am I stupid or?? :sweat_smile:

copy and paste your coding in the chat.

Avatar - Name Input {

So... what's your name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(FIRSTNAME)

if (FIRSTNAME is “”) {

You do need a name...

goto first_name_input

} else {


Hi my name is [PRIN] 


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You need to change FIRSTNAME in the template to PRIN

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OH! thank you!