Reflection of the characters in the mirrors

How to have the reflection of the characters in the mirrors?


You have to have a mirror background and overlay. Check out this post by @JemU776
Mirror Background Name: INT. MIRROR - DAY

Mirror Overlay Name = MIRROR OVER

The background and overlay came from episode.advice and allies.episode on Instagram :slight_smile:

Follow the steps of the video linked above by Episode EllyYT and you should be good to go :+1:


Okay, thank you very much :blush:. Who is Episode EllyYT? Where can I find him or her? On Instagram I don’t find the profile :thinking:


Sorry let me link you the video she said in that post.

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Thank you very much :blush:

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Thank you for linking :blob_sun: :heart: :lollipop: :nerd_face:

My Original post on it:


Hey :slight_smile: .
I just tried the mirror and I have to make a mistake somewhere because my character doesn’t appear. I don’t know why. If anyone can help me, please? Thank you :blush:

Can you show your code?

Yes i send the code

here the code

You have the same character JENNA in your scene. You need to create a new, duplicate character (can name it TWIN for example).


Oh okay. Thank you very much for your help :blush:.

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Hey guys. I need help. It’s doesn’t work and i don’t know why. I changed the name of the reflection as I was advised but nothing :confused:. If anyone can help me please :slightly_frowning_face:. Thank you

Add a layer to the overlay and make sure your background name as well as everything else is spelled right.

Also I suggest to spot both girls first.

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There’s mistakes in your coordinates. Make sure to watch the video. It doesn’t seem like you watched the video :sweat_smile: :heart:


INT. MIRROR DAY with MIRROR OVER to 1 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 2

@TWIN spot 0.716 -55 266 in zone 1 at layer 1

@JENNA spot 0.995 -55 121 in zone 1 at layer 3

#change hairstyle and clothing

&TWIN walks to spot 0.716 95 258 in 2
@JENNA walks to spot 0.995 124 121 in 2

&zoom on 138 281 to 200% in 2.5
&TWIN walks to spot 0.88 120 166 in 1
@JENNA walks to spot 0.9 171 156 in 1

&TWIN is think_rubchin AND TWIN faces right
@JENNA is idle_rear and JENNA faces right

@pause for 2

#continue script

#notes, you have a bunch of mistakes in your script. So .716 stands for 0.716, NOT -716. Also, on line 960, you have the TWIN doing an animation but instead of assigning her a direction, you assign it to the wrong person-JENNA. And again, as a gentle reminder, make sure everything is spelled right.


In addition, line 967 says:

@JENNA changes into JENNY PARTY 2

Underneath, on line 968, it should say:

@TWIN changes into JENNY PARTY 2

When you’re having Jenna change outfits in front of a mirror, the twin needs to change, too.


@aelyna Here is a way to fix the mistakea in your script.

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Okay :blush:. I understand now. Thank you very much. I have some trouble with the code and directive sometimes.


That’s OK, it’s always hard at first but it gets easier, good luck :yay: :heart:


Thank you very very very much for your help. It’s work :smiley: . Just one more thing for the hairstyle?
I leave the choice to the reader to choose Jenna’s hairstyle and lipstick. How do I have to make her reflection change her hairstyle at the same time? Do I have to add its reflection below each choice too?

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