Regarding errors with choices help!

Hey guys … i did write a choice before in previous episodes however, this time its giving me an error flag and i do not know why!

This is part of the script

MATHEW (talk_arms_crossed)

Who do you think could have killed her?
@LINDSEY is think

readerMessage This is not the final decision,but choose wisely as it will have consequences!

choice (second_choice)

“LEO” {

LINDSEY (talk_contend)

We know that Leo was with you when Leyla was found Murdered

I have 4 more choices added just like this one and they are all closed ofc

but next to the “choice (second_choice)” part the flag says "Unexpected expression: did you leave out the word choice, or did you forget to put a character name in ALL CAPS?

you need add a dialogue before the choice, also delete the space between word choice and LEO

Oh it worked! Thank you so much!!

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