Regarding games

Are we allowed to reference games in our stories eg say the MC is a gamer and they play World of Warcraft are we allowed to mention this in our story for example

Group Chat
MC: Hey guys are you all to play say World of Warcraft
CHAR1: Hell yeah
CHAR2: Count me in
CHAR3: Are we actually going to do a dungeon this time?
CHAR1: You’re the one who afk’d for 20 mins so we all did other quests.

MC thinks: I’m going to login to World of Warcraft and do some PvP try to up my ranking.

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Hiya! :wave:

Technically, yes, you’re allowed to make a passing reference to a real-life product, like World of Warcraft.

But it can’t be a ‘driving force’ in your story.

Exactly what does a ‘driving force’ mean? That’s kind of up to the interpretation of the mods.

I’d say that if World of Warcraft is going to be a plot point, ie. MC meets LI in a guild, etc, best not. If it’s just used as a scene ender, and just 1-3 times in the entire story, you’re probably covered. So I’d say your first example kind of pushes it, especially if you’re going to show the game or use the raid as character development. The second one, you’re likely fine.

But that’s why people try to stray away from naming real products, it’s a grey area.

In my own story, I was asked by the review team to change two references to IRL games (Mad Libs and Jeopardy), because I had large minigames: one fill-in-the-blanks minigame, and one trivia game, which I likened to Mad Libs and Jeopardy.

So my point is that it depends. To avoid the grey area altogether, most writers use something that will convey the same effect but not make explicit reference to a product.

“I’m gonna log into March of Heroes and do some PvP to up my ranking.” “Hey guys, wanna play March of Heroes and raid a dungeon? Don’t afk this time!” The reader assumes it’s a MMO, but neither the mods nor the legal team of World of Warcraft can say that you’re talking about them. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, yeah I was unsure if it was allowed or not as it will be basically what the story is based around.


Ahhh, best to invent a game, then. :+1: It can probably resemble WoW a little, as long as no one’s positive that you mean WoW. :+1: I’d say change a few minor details, like the names of races/areas/update packages. :upside_down_face: